A Look at the Super Premier VFC BAR Airsoft Rifle

Good airsoft guns usually cost between one hundred and three hundred dollars, but every once in awhile a truly incredible airsoft gun comes along that blows them all out of the water. These types of airsoft guns, of which there are only a few, cost over seven hundred dollars, and are only meant for the most professional airsoft players. Anybody who is below that level would certainly be able to handle the product, but if you are not going to use it on a professional level, there is no point in dropping such a large amount of money.

The particular airsoft gun I am referring to is the VFC BAR M1981A2. This behemoth prices at $1,250, even higher than the Classic Army Para, which is $750. So what makes this product so good that it can cost more than one thousand dollars? First, it has a lathed aluminum barrel, which greatly increases accuracy and makes virtually all pellets that leave the barrel travel in a perfectly straight line. Also, since the gun fires at such a rapid rate, it is very difficult for anyone to escape the barrage of BBs that come flying towards them.

The gun is also extremely similar to a real BAR, in that it has the same method of disassembly, the same front and rear sites, as well as an attachle bipod made of steel. By using the bipod, you can make the gun even more precise than before, and you can unload rounds from a stationary position into whatever enemy post you can find.

Despite being large, the gun is surprisingly light, making it very easy to carry and transport. While it only shoots at 330FPS, which many would consider slow for a gun of this caliber, what really matters is the accuracy. Plus, once you get over 300FPS, the extra speed does not really matter, and it can actually hurt the accuracy if it gets too fast.

As you can see, this BAR airsoft gun definitely is amazing. Not many people will get to use it because of its high price, but those who do get to experience true power.

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Taking a Look at the P90 Airsoft Rifle by Well

Are you looking for a quality airsoft gun that would be great for a beginner? There are many beginner guns out there that are incredibly cheap, but really lacking in quality. My view, when it comes to airsoft, is that just because someone is new to the game, it does not mean that they cannot handle a little power. There is a particular brand of airsoft gun out there that is perfect for beginners, while retaining a high level of power and costing a relatively low amount of money. This product is the Well P90 airsoft rifle, and after you have read my description of it, you will see why I have made the claims that I have.

There are many good qualities about the P90. For one, it is only sixty five dollars, which is not that much money for a fully automatic airsoft gun. That is right, the P90 is completely automatic, so you can fire to your heart’s content without even needing to ever lift your finger off the trigger. Of course, for the purpose of increasing accuracy and conserving ammunition, it is usually better to fire in short bursts, but having the full-auto function is definitely good.

While the gun only fires at a little over 200fps, which is kind of slow in airsoft terms, a beginner does not need more speed than that. Pellets flying at that rate can still reach a far distance, although they will lose more speed faster than those that start out at, say, 300fps. Most of what you pay for in an airsoft gun relates to durability and speed, so you have to be careful with this product. As long as you are not rough with it, it should last for a long time.

Finally, the package comes with a number of accessories that really make this product a great deal. It includes a practice target that catches the pellets you shoot at it, an electrically charged scope, a suppressor that you can put onto the barrel, and more! As you can see, this is definitely a great buy.

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The Echo1 M14 Soc16 Airsoft Rifle

M14s are relatively popular machine guns, especially in the airsoft world. While they used to be used extensively in the military field, they got replaced by M16s once those were introduced, so now they have limited use across the globe. However, as stated above, they are still very much in play when it comes to airsoft, so if you want to use one in this context, you will have no problem finding a quality gun to utilize.

A very pristine product is the Echo1 M14 Soc16, which as the name suggests, is manufactured by Echo1. This is a great airsoft company, and all of their products stand up to real life tests of durability and power. There are many great aspects of the Soc16, including the fact that it uses a Version 7 gearbox. It is almost a full meter long, weighs almost four kilograms, and comes with a high capacity magazine. You need to use a large 8.4V battery to power it, but when it comes to airsoft rifles, that is a pretty standard requirement.

Now for the interesting stuff. First of all, the high capacity magazine is extremely useful, as it helps you operate more efficiently when you play airsoft. Next, you need to be aware of the FPS rate, which is 350. This is faster than many airsoft rifles that are even pricier than this one, so it is good to be getting that kind of speed for this price.

Speaking of the price, most Soc16s retail for $180. That is not bad, considering this is almost a top-quality gun, and most products of its caliber would retail for over $300. With those kinds of savings, you can buy a ton of other airsoft accessories that can complement this gun for sure.

You do not just have to take my word for it. There are many other people out there who have written reviews for this product and seen how effective it really is.

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Getting a Custom Airsoft Rifle

Have you ever thought about taking your love of airsoft to the next level? If you are a really hardcore player, you may want to think about getting a customized airsoft gun. The difference between this and a regular airsoft gun is that a custom one is made just for you. Nobody else in the world would have that particular type, but if you were to buy one from the store, it would be something that thousands of other people use.

Due to the expense of acquiring a custom-made airsoft product, many people just upgrade regular airsoft guns to give them extra strength. This is a perfectly acceptable method, and it would save you a lot of money. However, there are some people who would really like to have an airsoft gun that is completely theirs, inside and out, and it is hard to achieve that with upgrades.

Of course, it does cost a lot of money to make a customized gun. The manufacturing company has to create a gun just for you, instead of making thousands and taking advantage of economies of scale. Therefore, if you want to get a custom airsoft gun, be prepared to shell out thousands of dollars. Think about all the work that goes into creating a product; with a custom product, you need to be the one to fund that. The company won’t help you offput the expense, as you have to cover the base expenses plus their profit, and that can add up fast.

In addition to the expense, there is always the chance that the gun will break somehow, and then all of your investment will be lost. You can probably get the product insured, but that would cost even more money. The point is, you have to be a truly enthusiastic airsoft player to take this option, but the rewards can be awesome if you appreciate them enough. And if you have a lot of money, you should spend it on what makes you the happiest.

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