The Different Types of Bi Fold Doors

If you mention the concept of bi fold doors, in a general scenario, people tend to imagine clumsy doors with odd knobs that are not durable and those that ruin the aesthetics of a building/home/office; however, this is a very conventional outlook or a view about bi fold doors.

Bifolding doors in contemporary context is the ‘in thing’, which is available in different types/styles, designs as well as specialist frames that make a lot of practical sense for utilizing them in different living areas to match one’s style and convenience.

The bifolding doors can actually be one great office/home solution for enhancing the beauty or for utilising the unused space. Let us check out the different types of bifolding doors.

Raised panel bifolding doors

The raised panel bifolding doors are the most widely used type of doors that is not only but also adds to décor of your home. The highly raised wooden panel is most the attractive feature of bifolding doors. Basically the raised panel bifolding doors have three sections; panel, rails & they are either in horizontal or vertical styles. This type of door is frequently used to addition beauty to the interiors of your home/office and also makes good use of the space.

Accordion bifolding doors

Do you have a large an empty space in your home or office? Use the accordion bifolding doors to create a separation. The bi fold doors are available in different materials; vinyl, wood, glass or PVC. These bifolding doors come with specialist frames and you can use them almost for any purpose; hide the laundry area, closets, garbage area, separating the rooms or even for interior decoration. So it is totally up to your choice to use the kind of bi fold doors.

French Bifolding doors

Basically the French bifolding doors are available in two kinds- bevelled glass and tempered glass. These kinds of doors serve as excellent room dividers not only this, they also help to make more room or space without spoiling the look of the living area rather this kind of bifolding door adds a touch of class.

Flat panel bifolding doors

The characteristic feature of a flat panel bifold door is its simplicity, which has clean lines and these doors are available with a variety of styles and configurations that cater to individual needs and taste.

Louvered Bifolding doors

This kind of bi fold doors is ideal for laundry areas, as it is available in two kinds- with ventilation or minus the ventilation. And they are also useful to create space for some privacy.

All of these raised panel bifolding doors or the flat panel ones or the accordion bifold type of doors are also available as double glazing doors if the customers choose to have them. Double glazing doors can actually complement to some spaces and they are preferred choice for offices as they call for little maintenance and add a dash of class to the room.

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Choosing the right garage door company

Over the last 10 years that we have been in business, many times, our customers have asked us what they should look for when they hire not only a garage door company, but other contractors in the building trades. As a result I put together a 7 point list that I believe can be useful to the average homeowner. Although it is worded specifically for the garage door industry, the points that it covers can be adapted to most service organizations.

1. Is the company properly licensed in your state to do business?

2. Is the company properly insured with both liability and workers compensation insurance?

3. Only hire a certified firm. Are they members of the International Door Association and the California Overhead Door Association? Are the technicians professionally trained and certified?

4. Does the company use the highest quality parts available, backed by a long term replacement policy? Do they have a guarantee – in writhing? Is it clear how they will remedy the situation if you are not completely satisfied? (Many companies have a “Concrete Warranty”. Once they leave your concrete driveway, the warranty expires.)

5. Price shopping is part of business. If you are looking for a “cheap” door, you can find it. The problem is that you will pay more for it in different ways. The old saying, “you get what you pay for” is never more true than in the garage door business.

6. There are 2 prices you pay for any product or service. The 1st is the price you paid at the time of purchase. The 2nd is the amount that you spent to use the product or service. This can include the cost of repair or replacement of a product or service that was inferior, or was not installed correctly. These 2 prices added together are really your “total cost”. You must also consider the value of your time in this equation. Precision Door Service may be a little more expensive at the time of purchase, But our customers find that their total cost is actually less than our competitors. That makes us the best overall value.

7. Are the technicians prepared to complete the work .Our trucks are fully stocked so you don’t have to wait on parts. Our professional courteous, and uniformed technicians will fix your door right-the first time.

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uPVC Door Advantages

Wood has traditionally been chosen as the preferred material for creating the doors and windows of a home because of its durable and strong nature, and also because hard wood can be easily crafted into different styles and designs. However, these products always require a lot of effort to maintain. For example, the wooden door and window frames require regular varnishing and sanding to ensure that they remain weather resistant and clean. This is where the un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC doors and windows come into use.

The uPVC doors are made by using a special plastic material, which is resistant to corrosion from extreme natural conditions, without losing its aesthetic appeal. These revolutionary products are fast becoming a craze all over UK because of their long life and low maintenance requirements. The uPVC material never flakes or rots and rarely ever requires cleaning. This is why the companies manufacturing these products are ready to give guarantees of as long as 10 years.

uPVC Doors: Easy to Handle and Secure
There is one misconception amongst the masses that uPVC doors do not provide adequate security to the home. They could not be more wrong. With the correct locks, only composite doors surpass the strength of uPVC doors. When selecting a locking system, look for doors that utilize state of the art multipoint locking technology.

Standard cylinder locks can be replaced by following these five simple steps, equipped with just a screw driver:

1. Buy a lock similar in shape and size to your old lock
2. Remove the old lock by simply unscrewing the bolts holding it in place
3. Insert the key into the lock and slowly turn it to a side till you feel that the key is firmly in place. Now gently move it further to pull out the cylinder of the lock
4. Put the new lock in place of the old one and tighten the screws. Here, special care should be kept to place both the bolt and the lock in their proper space
5. Tightly screw the bolts and check the locking system multiple times to ensure proper functioning

Not very complex, and for an experienced burglar, a door with one locking point will probably not present much of a challenge.

With multipoint locks, there could be 3 or more points in the door where it is securely engaged to the frame. As they are not obviously located, it is much more demanding in time and effort to find then force each point in turn to gain entry.

Also, with multipoint locking technology, there is no cylinder lock – neither barrel nor plug. Instead, the locking mechanism is firmly placed inside the uPVC door, enhancing the security far beyond traditional locks. (A standard keyhole is used though, to keep the classic look). This is another reason why uPVC back doors are so highly in demand.

Low Maintenance and Robust uPVC Back Doors
According to the home office website (UK), doors are the preferred mode for forcible entry into the house for burglars (67%). Of this, a large number of break-ins are carried out through the back door. This is why choosing uPVC or composite doors with their heightened security features are a must for protecting the rear of the house.

A uPVC back door provides all the advantages of the uPVC material and come with a choice of a robust mortice or cylinder lock. Its specific uPVC construction provides high resistance to forcible entry. The only drawback that these doors had was a lack of colour options. Even that has been resolved, now that these doors come in all possible shades and finishes, including one that appears identical to a hard wood design. Their fully beveled frames create a slim visual appeal, which heavily improves the sight lines. Common available options range from 60mm to 70mm, with an option to apply 44mm thick glazing.

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Using uPVC Doors as French Doors

Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC doors offer several advantages over the traditional materials for making such structures. For one, they are extremely cost efficient. Their insulation property helps keep the hot air inside during winters while stopping the heat from filtering indoors during the summers. This way you can expect to make huge savings in the form of low electricity bills by limiting the use of heaters and air conditioners.

The advantages don’t stop here. These doors are almost as durable as their aluminum counterparts, while requiring very little maintenance. For cleaning them, all you need is a single wipe and a wash. On the other hand, you will have to conduct regular sanding, repainting or varnishing sessions with wooden doors to make them look new again. This makes uPVC products much cheaper in the long run than their competitors and so should be considered a good investment.

This is why people prefer uPVC for their front, back and French doors.

uPVC Doors: Patio or French Doors
Winters tend to be extreme in almost all parts of the UK. This is why when summer arrives, we all wish to laze in the warm sun and relax. Patios tend to be the perfect venue for most summer activities. The whole ambience can be further augmented by placing the right furniture, adding lighting fixtures and decorating the space by landscaping the area. One can further enhance the appeal by adding a French door to the setting.

Patio doors are the entrance way to the patio from the interior of the house. This might be a simplistic statement, but it does mean that they set the scene as you move from an indoor room to the outdoor room. Their beauty not only adds style to the patio but gives an aesthetic appeal to the whole structure of the building. Such doors can be purchased in several shapes and designs of which the uPVC French doors are most sought after. They are available in several styles and colours to match any décor. One specific design matches the look of hard wood so well that you actually need to touch the door to know the difference.

One specific advantage of uPVC French doors as patio doors is that the uPVC material means you can enjoy your time in the garden, rather than being constantly reminded of the need for maintenance. As for security; uPVC doors should contain a high tech locking unit, which is extremely resistant to any breaking-in attempt. So, with these doors, you are assured of heightened security while you sleep.

uPVC Doors: Front Doors
There are several advantages of using uPVC front doors. For one, they contain an airtight seal around their edges that helps keep out draughts and also minimizes heat loss. Add to this the already mentioned properties of uPVC and we have the perfect front door at hand. These doors come in two principal varieties:
• Solid uPVC
• uPVC with glazed panels

Both varieties are suitable for a contemporary style home (white or coloured door frames), as well as traditional style homes (wood grain effect door frames).

Generally, double glazed glass is used for all uPVC doors because they provide added energy conservation. For those who want even more energy efficiency, energy rated windows can be used which help to retain/capture heat and reduce energy bills.

Doors are often opened and closed with great force. This happens during strong breezes as well as when boisterous children are playing. So, glass fittings within the doors should be such that they are able to withstand the force. Two options for safety glass are:
1. Laminated Safety Glass: This glass contains a plastic membrane between two subsequent panes. Even if broken, the glass itself will not budge from its place due to the plastic layer.
2. Toughened Safety Glass: This glass is strengthened by making it go through a tempering process, which makes it 4 times stronger than standard glass.

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Outside Doors: The Traditional Front Door Remedy

Finding the best external door for your home requires careful thing to consider of a number of factors. You have to stability your budget, your home security and the style factor while choosing quality exterior door for the home. A great front entry door will be able to protect your home from burglars and at the same time add classic elegance and value to your home. An appropriately chosen door should be able to express your personal style that you want to convey in your homes.

Wood entry doors

The wood entry doors are unequalled in terms of classic elegance and style. Number of varieties of doors is available and that too in different styles are available. Varnishes, stains and paints enhance the beauty of wood and help you to create an individual appeal by your doors. You can even select a theme for your home and then select the door consequently. If there are more than one entry door of your house, then each door should be coordinated with the other to create a long lasting individual appeal. If there are many doors then it needs to be coordinated. While doing extra fittings on the door you will be able to get nice appeal to your door. The doors should be such that they readily welcome the visitors to your home at the same time maintaining the privacy of your home.

Doors are available readily and that type of doors can be customized as according to the customers wish. However, you must also be aware of the possible disadvantages of your wooden doors and take proper preventive actions to counteract these disadvantages.

The main problem that the wooden doors possess is their susceptibility to be damaged in changing weather conditions. Hot weather causes the wooden door to expand and warp and damp conditions cause the door to catch rot if proper precautionary care has not been taken. This change in dimensions of the wooden door may cause gaps in insulation as the doors tend to shrink in winter. For this reason, it is advised always to use the best quality wood available that is resistant to changes in climate. The doors should also be applied with a rot resistant paint to prevent the effect of rot.

Steel entry doors

If you want to live in a heavily safeguarded house then door made of steel is good. The weight of steel door makes it a natural barrier to your home. Different varieties of steel doors are available that too in different styles. There are problems related with steel door also which varies in accordance to climate. During winter season these doors may become too cold and in summer they may become too hot to touch. Besides, they are prone to rusting if not properly protected.

Fiberglass External Doors

Choosing a fiberglass door is considered to be a best option. The fiberglass exterior doors have a look like wooden doors and they are almost three times more powerful than their wooden counterparts. Fiber glass door can resist climatic changes. The attack of termites can also be resisted with the help of doors made from fiber glass.

Vinyl Entrance Doors
If you have financial limitation then vinyl entry door are good. By having the vinyl door you cannot get that type of stylish doors but you can resist for all the adverse ailments which included bad weather and attack of termites.

Aluminum outside doors

Aluminum exterior doors are growing in popularity as entry doors option as they are more moderately priced than the other type of metallic door. However, they are definitely not as sturdy as the steel doors and so they are best used as further storm door outside your normal wooden door.

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