Discover Sinks that Move Where You Want

The Portable Sink – Move it in, Fill it up, Plug it in and Turn it on.
A self-contained portable sink goes anywhere and everywhere, because it requires no plumbing-neither water supply nor special drainage – portable sinks are self-contained hand wash stations. Think port-a-potty- but, in an exclusive high end sink design and you can imagine the convenience offered by portable sinks.

Both Hot and Cold Water Options
Your portable sink will arrive fully outfitted for safe and simple operation the Ozark River portable sinks have an exclusive ‘Quick Connect’ feature that makes it a snap to connect tanks. Plus, each Ozark River portable sink is equipped with an on-demand heating system built in. This heating component allows optional dispensing of both hot and cold water. If you desire hot water, you simply place your portable sink and hand wash station near an electrical outlet and plug it into a 20Amp electrical outlet. Ozark River brand hand wash stations are outfitted with CGFI switch box which adds additional safety to comply with standard electrical code. Ozark River portable sinks plug into a 20Amp dedicated outlet.

Tank Capacity and Quick Connect Feature
Obviously these portable sinks do not represent an endless water supply and must be refilled intermittently on an as-needed basis. However, thanks to the ‘Quick Connect’ feature, part of every sink Ozark River portable sink accessory kit, filling the fresh water tank and emptying the waste tank is simple . Best of all, Ozark River and offers individual accessory options any time you need replacements and we offer prompt shipping around the globe. And, because we are the original equipment manufacturer for the Ozark River brand portable sinks, you are guaranteed the best price and service possible when purchasing an Ozark River sink appliance.

A small hand-washing station, such as the style used in preschools and daycare settings, are purposely designed for youth and school age children yet when completely full the portable sink fresh water tank has the capacity to yield approximately seventy thorough hand-washes. Other units come equipped with larger tanks proportional to their size.

How Portable Sinks Work
You will require access to water for filling your supply tanks, and later, a safe and sanitary place to dispose of wastewater from the waste tank. Ozark River, manufacturer of award winning portable sinks, recommends using their Steramine quaternary mix in situations where thorough hand sanitizing is mandated by public health inspectors in accordance with state and federal laws. Steramine is a 200 ppm quaternary sanitizer, made without chlorine, and is easy to mix and use. Steramine is an excellent sanitizing solution for food service, hospitals, child daycare, education and restaurants. This quaternary sanitizing solution is also perfect as a three step wash system for glasses and bottles and is an economical way to fight germs and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In normal home and outdoor settings, where thorough sanitizing is less of an issue, you simply fill your supply tank from any fresh water source. You need not worry about cross contamination of fresh water tanks or take any additional measures because the waste water is housed in its own entirely separate tank.

Designs adapted to just about every site and situation
From a toddler-sized hand-washing station to a major industrial or food service multi sink basin design, you can easily find portable self-contained sinks to suit your purposes. Ozark River also manufactures custom design sinks or PLR appliances by contractual agreement. No matter what size or configuration you choose, your unit requires no plumbing fixtures such as hook-ups or drain links. Naturally, for just about every portable sink, you can increase your convenience with extra water and waste tanks, fill and drain hoses, and the full range of accessories is always available thru the website.

Ozark River manufactures all types of portable sinks including outdoor sinks, camping sinks, diaper changing stations complete with hand wash station in the form of a portable sink and many other specialty type sinks. For food service and catering use, choose a two- or three-tub sink with ample water supply for washing hundreds of dishes and dirty pots. For construction sites, select a heavy-duty weatherproof unit with specially designed sink-traps to screen out dirt, sawdust, and concrete.

NSF Approved
National Sanitation Foundation inspectors routinely review and inspect portable sink designs and construction, making sure they meet strict standards. As you shop for a portable self-contained sink, make sure you look for the “NSF” seal. An NSF approved sink will not rust, mold, or grow bacteria. Making Ozark River sinks non-toxic to humans dealing with waste water disposal and normal clean ups.

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Bathe in Comfort With Walk in Bath Tubs

A cool or a hot batch in a bath tub after a tired day is a welcome treat that no one can refuse. Though this is considered a luxury item it is a very important part of home décor in almost every home. It has been in use for many years but with a few restrictions like privacy and safety. However, that factor has been considered and its counterpart the walk in bathtubs provides the much wanted privacy and safety along with extra comfort and ability.

Yes, the walk in tubs are cheaper and easy to install, they provide you the best comfort and privacy unlike the regular bath tubs. The main feature of the walk in bathtub is that it is very easy for elders, handicapped and differently abled people to bathe alone without being dependent on their nurse or family members to help.

The height of the tub is low with a well contoured built-in seat. The floor is slip resistant and it is provided with a door and a latch and a safety bar on the side which can provide the best assistance to elders and handicapped people that prefer to have a bath in privacy. They could simply walk into the tub normally without fear of slipping.

The benefits of using a bathtub for a bath is beyond its convenience and comfort norms today. By soaking in the tub people find relief from arthritis problems. Walk in bathtubs are bigger in size when compared to the regular ones but they are still designed to fit any bathroom size.

If you have already a bath tub installed this can easily be converted into a walk in tub with the help of an engineer or an experience mason. The comfort and privacy that one gets from walk in bathtubs is exclusive and cannot be understood better than experiencing the luxury of it.

Buying walk in bathtubs is no longer a hassle with the internet and its online shopping benefits. Just visit a few websites, find a reputed seller and clear all your queries before making a choice. These websites are even well equipped to help you find an expert bath tub installer if you are interested in one.

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Walk In Bathtub – Boon To The Old And Challenged

A walk in bathtub is one kind of a bath tub preferred by the old and physically challenged group of people among others. It allows the users to take a bath comfortably in a sitting position. It has got an interesting mechanism. The swing door of the tub opens itself when the tub is empty, that is when there is no water. The temperature of the water can be easily adjusted with the help of dials or switches provided. One can also adjust the force of the shower. A walk in bathtub is a bit smaller than the usual bath tubs. That makes it convenient for the owner to put it in one corner of the bathroom without it consuming much space.

The best feature of a walk in bathtub is that it attends to a person on a wheel chair. The transfer is very smooth. Some of them even have railings and other materials that will help the user to get a grip of them while bathing. There are also therapeutic jets, an excellent feature of such bath tubs which helps relieve muscle pain.

One disadvantage of the product is about the doors.

The doors which open only when the tub is completely empty can sometimes cause trouble in an emergency situation. But nowadays there are models which have implemented a new way with the doors and are cheap and effective. The doors which open inwards can actually save a lot of space compared to the ones with a door opening outward. There are door locks available in some models.

A walk in bathtub is available in a number of materials. From glassy thermoplastics to glass fibres, they are easily available in all ranges. The latter is much lighter compared to the first one. One important thing after buying a walk in bathtub is its installation process. Only an experienced or a specially trained one can fix it properly. Self-installation is not a very good idea unless the person is very confident. It usually comes as one piece and care should be taken as to not damage it when taken inside though a narrow doorway.

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Walk in Tubs – Way to Comfortable Bathing

Walk-in tubs are designed in such a way that it fits perfectly into the existing bath-tub adding to more comfort and ease to one that uses it. This useful kit adds more to the pleasure of a relaxing bath to those with some physical disability. Some have a stainless steel frame with adjustable feet that are durable and easy to install too. Good quality ones are safe, durable and provide luxury and pleasure to the bathing process. Bath tubs can be replaced with superior walk-in tubs which just need to fill in water, get into it, enjoy and relax the bath. It is not only beneficial, but also adds a wonderful experience with complete satisfaction.

Walk-in tubs are available in various colors, sizes and has all the salient features. Irrespective of the physical disability, one can opt to choose these tubs as it provides all the necessary and safe means. These tubs has built-in doors where there is no need to worry about water leaking from the tub since they have a watertight seal mechanism that prevents any leakage.

The two doors – the inward swinging and the outdoor swinging door are designed in such a way that the inside door is kept shut from the pressure of the water inside it. Most of them that are available in the market have inward-swinging door as it less expensive and safer. One can choose from the various models that are available such as whirlpools, thermostats and many more to add.

These kind of tubs are generally taller and narrower that also suited for even smaller spaces. Elderly people have the option to have the bath while seated or use the seat as leverage. They also come with a transfer bar and side rails that is more ideal for those who wish to be independent. The hydrotherapy has an elegant feature that relieves backaches and leg pains.

In this type, the pressure of the water keeps the inward-swinging door tightly closed. The door does not open until the entire water is drained out. The most important thing that is to be considered while buying a walk-in tub is the material that it is made from.

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Exploring The Different Types Of Bidets

Bidets are fast gaining popularity as a means of hygienic cleansing after using the toilet. If you are also considering about installing a bidet in your bathroom then there are a few basic things that you need to be aware of before you proceed. First you need to know what a bidet exactly is and how it works.

A bidet is a porcelain fixture that is installed near the toilet seat that helps people to clean their butt using water instead of toilet paper. The bidets were first invented in the 18th century and since then they have been modernized to the extent that today, one can get electronic bidet installed.

The most common and original form of bidets were the basin type, which are further classified into two subtypes. The first of these subtypes is the classic one which is similar in appearance to a faucet sink. However, it is placed much lower in the floor next to the toilet seat. Once a person finishes using the toilet, he just needs to move over and sit on the bidet seat and turn on the faucet to cleanse the butt.

The other subtype of the traditional bidet is the French basin, which functions in the same manner as the classic one except that it is provided with a spout that throws the water upward and one needs to sit on top of it to get cleansed. This enables the toilet users to clean their butts without getting their hands dirty.

Modern electronic bidets can be operated with the help of a control panel or even a remote control. But the most advantageous difference between these modern bidets and the traditional ones is that they can be attached over the toilet seat itself making it convenient for the users the clean themselves without moving around. It also makes bidet installation convenient in any bathroom without worrying about the shortage of space.

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Low Flow Toilets – Changes are Still being Made

Occasionally, the time to install a new toilet is called for. When deciding what kind to install, there are a few items to consider. While a wide variety of toilet flows were available in and around the 1960s, low flow toilets are pretty standard today. The purpose of these toilets is to reduce the amount of water used per flush. Instead of more than eight gallons being used per flush, low flow toilets use a mere two gallons. Obviously, this means the first benefit of this kind of toilet is that it conserves water. This leads to financial savings for you and a positive environmental impact as well. Then, there is the fact that low flow toilets have a smaller tank since they need to hold less water. This results in a smaller, more attractive appearance.

Some people still have a problem with the switch society has made to low flow toilets. They argue that the number of times their toilets become clogged is directly tied to the fact that less water is being used. This is quite true, and constitutes the only drawback to low flow toilets. However, newer toilet models today come with a dual flush feature. This allows the user to decide how much water and power is needed to remove the waste. A short flush using not even one gallon of water is used when one button is pushed. The other button, called a long flush, uses closer to two gallons for the removal of more waste.

Even dual flush low flow toilets use less than half the water needed by a normal toilet. The feature allows real estate owners in Boca Raton, FL to save 60% more water than using even a standard low flow toilet available on the market today. These savings are reflected in the water bill and in the energy efficiency of a home.

Dual flush toilets are more expensive than standard low flow toilets, but over time, the savings in your water bill help it to pay for itself. It is this kind of investment that makes the decision to be energy efficient worthwhile for everyone involved. Researching the type of toilet you want to purchase is important today to ensure you get the quality you want. Even though people tend to resist change, this transition to the dual flush toilet may be even more beneficial than the switch years ago to from standard toilets to low flow toilets.

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Water Conserving Shower Heads and Faucets – Save Water, Energy, and Money

In America alone, 40 billion gallons of fresh water are used per day. All that water must undergo a cleaning process before it can be used again. If you are concerned about your family’s use of water in the home, there are cost-effective changes you can make that are easy and very worthwhile. The main purpose, besides being helpful to conservation efforts, is to save you money each month on your water bill. Possibly the easiest and most popular change you can make in your home is to install water conserving shower heads and faucets.

Sometimes, when people first hear of this idea, they think that all their faucets and shower heads will lack any pressure and be a downgrade. However, this is not how water conserving shower heads and faucets work. By incorporating aerators into all the faucets, these water conserving faucets combine air with the water flow to sometimes actually increase the water pressure while simultaneously using much less water per minute. Faucet aerators cost as little as $5 and are easy to install, yet they have the potential to yield significant savings over time. By doing this, each faucet in your home will save one gallon of water per minute every time it is used.

After a mere 15 minutes and for as little as $30, you can install a new shower head that will have the ability to pay for itself in water conservation. The project is so simple, that you need not even shut off the water to your shower. Remove the shower head with an adjustable wrench and allow the excess water in it to drain out. Clean the interior with vinegar and allow it to dry completely. Wrap the pipe’s threads with plumber’s tape to ensure a snug fit of the new shower head. Use your hands rather than tools to attach the new shower head and turn on the water to check for leaks. Be careful not to over tighten the water conserving shower heads and faucets as doing so can damage them.

There is a wide variety of water conserving products available today. In an environmentally-conscious world, these are reasonably priced and highly available. If you are ready to save water, energy and money, now is the time to install water conserving shower heads and faucets throughout your Boca Raton real estate . A family of three can save over 10,000 gallons of water a year with these in their home.

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How to Find good Bath Accessories and Plumbing Fixtures Online

Someone rightly said that the best place to check out the taste and lifestyle of a man is his bathroom. If your bathroom needs a facelift, then use the occasion to leash your creativity and turn your bathroom into a place which shows your good taste without compromising on convenience. Changing the bath accessories is a great way to accentuate the style and beauty of the bathroom. Present-day techno savvy bathing accessories are not only a visual delight but also give you complete bathing luxury and comfort. Available in a wide variety of colours, types, sizes and shapes, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Most people like to go online when they shop for bath accessories and kitchen faucets because it saves them a lot of time and money that otherwise gets wasted going from one retail store to another. It is also a quick and easy way to compare the prices offered by various companies at one go.

In case you have never shopped online for things like bath accessories, Kitchen faucet and water dispensers then it is a good idea to read reviews about what other users say about different products. You will find answers to most of the questions you want to ask from these reviews.

The trick is not to get carried away with the products of first retailer. Take time to check out a number of retailers and if you look around long enough you are sure to find some pretty amazing deals. Check a lot of manufacturer sites as well as various auctioning sites as deals you find there can be quite incredible.

Patience is the key to find the fixtures of your choice at best possible prices. But don’t forget that there are plenty of swindlers on web, looking to con unsuspecting customers so make sure that the site you are making purchase from is secure and reliable. Final word…Don’t fall for fancy bath accessories and plumbing fixtures without first making sure that they fit well within your budget and your bathroom.

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Bathroom Starter Pack

Bathroom Bumper Pack – Everything you need to know about bathroom design

At first a bathroom remodel project can seem complicated and full of potential problems. There are so many issues and concerns when it comes to bathroom remodelling projects. It doesn’t have to be as it may seem at the beginning it can be simple when adhering to specific rules and requirements.

How to begin with your bathroom project:

Research is the key to a successful bathroom design, finding the right products and design is crucial. Be sure that if you are not capable of doing the work yourself that you hire a professional who is capable. Plumbing can be extremely tricky so make sure the work is carried out efficiently. Lighting can change the overall atmosphere of the room so lighting is an extremely important statement to consider.

Take guidance from home design magazines and get inspiration from your own bathroom design. Contact local bathroom showroom ask for their expert advice but do not commit to anything until you have decided on the final outlay. Use friends or relatives to gain knowledge and inspiration from to enable the bathroom design.

Starting the bathroom design

Make lists to highlight the priorities and major tasks, break them down into smaller steps to help you. Make a timetable and realistic time scales to stick with. Bathroom experts and design packages are available to help so maybe go and speak with a professional.

Measure the space

You can only work with the available space that is available, create plenty of storage so that medicines and beauty products can be stored away correctly. Bathroom furniture is now as popular as ever for modern bathroom designs. Clearing the clutter also helps us to unwind in the bathroom and create a more relaxing atmosphere. Wipe clean surfaces are the best especially for children and the elderly who may use the bathroom. Stay away from carpets and other flooring in the bathroom which may harbour germs and so forth.

Stick to the budget

Like all things it can be hard to stick within a targeted budget. Have a look at the price range you have to work with try and work out the best products to keep within it. There are many bathroom products on the market so keep researching the available products for you.

WD Bathrooms are a leading online bathroom supplier, offering a wide range of bathroom products including shower trays, toilets and bathroom furniture. All heavy bathroom items are delivered using a 2 man delivery team across the UK.

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