Think display stands when advertising

If you are looking to advertise your services and products in an
effective way then using exhibition display stands can help you to
achieve your business goals. It is no secret that to achieve a well
performing business you need to ensure that it is promoted successfully.
Display stands can be used to great effect no matter what your sales
and marketing goals are. Whether you are choosing to raise the awareness
of your brand, target a new market or launch products display stands
can provide a fantastic medium to get your message across.

Display stands come in a wide range of sizes, colours, designs and
styles. No matter what corporate identity or brand image you are trying
to achieve you will find display stands and display panels to suit. You
can tailor display stands to the type of exhibition or tradeshow that
you usually attend and opt for versions that are quick and easy to
transport and assemble if you work the exhibition circuit frequently.

This form of advertising is growing in popularity. In the past it was
often believed that more direct forms of advertising such as radio and
TV were most effective. However although they do have direct reach to
customers they can be very expensive and it is hard to target customers
specifically. Using display panels as a form of advertising is a low
cost alternative and by choosing well targeted exhibitions you can
ensure the visitors are the type of customers you are trying to reach.

You can buy display stands that can be used time and time again at a
variety of shows. Most display stands are lightweight and portable so
they can be transported easily from one venue to another. You have the
flexibility of adding graphics to further reinforce the brand and make
an impact on your target audience. At we have many
display stands on offer.

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The versatility of pop up displays

Pop up display stands are becoming increasingly popular with more
businesses due to their flexibility and various benefits. They are
reasonably cheap display stands and yet can create an eye catching and
effective backdrop at a tradeshow or exhibition. Pop up display stands
offer an effective way to advertise your business and raise awareness
about the brand or product you are selling. They provide credibility and
can help a new business build its reputation as a professional outfit.

These versatile display stands can be purchased in a wide range of
shapes and sizes and you can work with a supplier to develop display
stands that are specifically customised to your company and industry.
They can be used as the perfect platform for graphics to promote your
products and services and a design team can work with you to create a
design that is guaranteed to attract that all important attention from

As the name ‘pop-up’ would suggest one of the main benefits to these
display stands is the ease of assembly. Using emerging technology they
simply open up making it perfect for companies where there is only one
or two staff available to man exhibition stands. You can also use these
versatile display stands as a focal point at your trade premises when
there exhibition time is over. Display boards can double up as room
dividers creating space and display opportunities in the office.

No matter how you employ these display stands you are sure to get a high
return on investment. They can efficiently boost the brand image and
help the company to achieve the recognition required to achieve even the
most challenging of sales targets. At we can help
you to gain the recognition and brand awareness you need through our pop
up display stands.

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Display Stands for Every Occasion

Panel Warehouse has over two decades of experience in producing display
stands, in a vast range of sizes, styles, and colours to provide for any
display needs at great prices and with fast production and delivery

Several kinds of product are available, including folding displays,
desktop stands, jumbo versions, and promotional counters. These varying
display panels suit different functionalities, but are all eye-catching
and professional, ideal for advertising a product or company in-house or
out and about at conventions or exhibitions.

The standard size is a folding display stand, conveniently small for
storage and transportation, which can be easily achieved by car. These
display panels can be set up with ease by a single person making them
great for touring an idea, concept, or company. In terms of aesthetics, a
number of choices are offered, with a range of 6, 7, or 8 panels
available in eight different colours and a choice between a frame of
aluminium or PVC.

For something even more portable, the light desktop display stand
provides the same functionality on a smaller scale, easily carted around
by a single person in the free carry case provided, again available in a
range of sizes, colours and finishes to present a professional image in
keeping with company colour schemes. However, on the other end of the
scale entirely, jumbo display stands can be used to grab attention and
display larger scale items such as schematics, diagrams, posters, and
charts. These are useful not only in advertising but great for placement
inside offices, classrooms, and boardrooms. Jumbo displays are
available with the same aesthetic options as desktop and standard, and
come in three sizes.

For specific point of sales stands, promotional counters can be
manufactured, with optional graphics. These are ideal for promoting a
specific product, or for food or drink. So small, medium, or large,
concrete or abstract, promoting an idea has never been so

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