Hair products to bring stunning shine!

Who is not in love with his or her hair? Well, we all are and that is
the reason we keep on searching for the latest range of hair products
which can give a stunning look to the lost shine of our hair. While we
search in the online market, we get a whole big range of products which
boast of several new ingredients but there are few which have earned a
trusted name amongst the users globally.

Founded in the year 1960 by Paula Kent, famous American actress, the aim
for the innovation of Redken hair products was to make something which
is not an irritation to eyes and skin, and also which cares for your
hair. The Redken products are based on protein technology and carries
acidic pH which is in between 4.5 and 5.5. Moreover, Redken products
are specially recommended by cosmetologists, which mean they are
approved for the sensitive hair types as well. Redken shampoos have key
ingredients which include proteins, natural lipids and ceramide which
are used to give strength to the weak hair. They are also beneficial in
reinforcing the healthier growth and protection of hair growth.

Another recommended product is GHD Hair or also known as Good Hair Day
which is a hair styling product mostly used by hair professionals. GHD
Hair ‘s range of ceramic straighteners has brought a craze across the
Europe. Its other products like Dead Sea Mud and essential oils are in
great demands, though they are highly priced. Its Ceramic straighteners
have apart form styling brought extra shine to the hair.

In case your perm period is over and now you don’t wish to have any more
curls or waves, then you need a strong cleansing agent so as to bring
your hair back to natural normalcy. One such recommended product range
is Deva Curl Low-Poo, which is a gentle shampoo of daily use that gets
your hair to their natural shape and texture. Deva Curl has another
range which is widely used by hair experts which includes its
ultra-creamy conditioner. It helps in restoring, hydrating and
eliminating product residue in your hair.

In case of straightened hair, you also need extra care and efforts. You
need to protect your hair from the after-effects of straightening and
hence you need conditioning to repair the damages. Nioxin products work
as a therapy for such hair and also help in repairing split ends and
Nioxin also strengthens the weak and overworked hair.

Alterna is another prominent leader in salon hair products. The company
Alterna has luxury hair products which are used for keeping healthy and
beautiful hair. Their innovative range of products which are widely used
include Caviar, Life, Hemp, Ten and Luxury.

Last but not the least if you are wondering that what keeps celebrities’
hair so shining and beautiful, then Artec color depositing shampoos is
the secret. This range of hair products are specially made to keep
colored hair stunningly fresh.

Also in the celebrity series is the X-Fusion whose products comprises
high range of keratin which is essential ingredient needed for our hair.
X-Fusion is actually keratin fibers which is available in various hair
colors. This is specially taken by people who face the problem of thin
hair. Though it doesn’t cover large areas of baldness but they give a
real look to your thin and receding line of hair.

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Make healthy and silky hair your fashion statement

With the change of every season we do different things to stay healthy
and fit. In the same way our hair also needs to be taken care
differently according to the changing season. Seasonal hair problems are
very common and none can escape from them. But by using a right type of
product at the right time can help you in maintaining our hair in the
healthy conditions. In summers, our hair is badly affected due to the
sun exposure. They become dry and coarse. It needs a gentle shampoo and
conditioner to make them silky and moist. Paul Mitchell is well known
for its hair products. It offers you with the variety of the products
for your hair, according to your hair type. Paul Mitchell hair products
are formulated with organic botanicals and essential oils which protects
your hair from sun and pollution. Affirm Professional relaxer system
and Ferm permanent wave products are some the Avlon Products which can
keep your hair look stylish.

Frizzy hair in the humid season is very common. You can get rid of curly
hair with the help of White Sands hair products which provides thermal
and color protection for hair. White Sands is the perfect blend of
chamomile, lemon grass and Heliogenol which can keep your hair curl free
and healthy.

Bumble and bumble provides you with the hair products that will protect
your hair from damage. If you want to get rid of an oily scalp in
summers and completely dry scalp in winters then Bumble and bumble hair
products will help you to come out of your hair problems. You can choose
the Curl Conscious conditioner, Crème De Coco shampoo and the Sumo wax
to guard your hair from the weather problems.

With the change of every season its immediate effect will be the hair
loss. If you don’t take cautionary steps then your hair volume will get
thinner every day and soon you will lose the shine and healthy hair.
Kérastase has come up with new produts that will not only make you get
rid of hair loss problem but will also bring a new shine and life to
your hair. Kérastase has products for eveyone that will tender to an
individual needs according to the hair type.

If you are thinking to change your look by coloring your hair, then you
will have to be more consicious about the product you use. The chemicals
used in some products might damage your hair. Artec products are
exclusively made for haircolor care. The wide collection of nine color
enhancing Shampoos and KIWI colorflector conditioner are specially
designed to prevent hair color fade.

In winters another common problem faced by all is the dandruff. Redken
is known for its unique products that will defend you from hair
problems. Redken Scalp Relief Dandruff Control will not only fight with
dandruff but will also reduce flakes and itching problems.

Keep your hair clean is the best formula for maintaing them healthy in
every season. DevaCurl Products with its unique mosturizing features
will clean and smoothen your hair and help in strengthning them. You can
keep your hair staight everytime with Devacurl.

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Fight winter frizz with a moisturizing program for your curly hair

We dress differently in winter. We drive differently in winter. And it’s
no secret that when the weather changes and the temperatures drop,
women should treat their hair differently too. Women and girls with
naturally curly hair, particularly multi-ethnic or biracial women and
girls, must understand that as the seasons change, so too must their
hair management techniques.

Since naturally curly hair is typically drier than straight hair, it
requires moisturizing treatment more regularly. As the temperatures drop
and the airs dries, moisturizing treatments should become more
frequent. In fact, Mahisha Dellinger, founder of CURLS hair care
products for multi-ethnic women and girls, recommends a deep treatment
that includes heat at least once a week during the winter. Replenishing
moisture in your thirsty locks is critical in maintaining healthy,
manageable, frizz-free curls, Dellinger says.

She recommends using CURLS’ Ecstasy Hair Tea Deep Conditioner & Hair
Therapy Wrap to give your naturally curly hair the ultimate
moisturizing treatment. That and CURLS’ many other hair care products
for women with naturally curly hair are available at

To avoid further dehydrating their hair, women should shampoo less often
during the winter. Shampooing strips hair of the natural oils that the
scalp creates, and since we produce less of it in the cold months,
there’s less to strip away. Instead, Dellinger suggests using a
sulfate-free cleanser, which works more gently on your hair and scalp.

Women are also advised to consider different hairstyles during the
winter months, perhaps a look that doesn’t require heat-based styling.
Curling irons cause dry hair, and Dellinger recommends wearing an
occasional slicked-back bun, ponytails or chignons. When you do opt for a
‘do that requires styling products, opt for rich creams in place of
gels, and use as little as you can get by with.

The key is adding moisture, moist heat preferably. Dellinger’s favorite
technique calls for warming up a little natural oil and applying
directly to the scalp. “Follow up with a little CURLS Ecstasy – the size
of a half-dollar for your entire head. It’s an awesome leave-in during
the winter months.” A once-a-week treatment program, along with products
like CURLS’ Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream, and Dellinger’s tips on
daily care will keep your hair beautiful, healthy and manageable until

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Natural hair growth – A right approach

Natural hair growth is a right approach for quick hair growth and
everybody should consider. I have approached for natural hair growth
after spending lot of money on hair care products and treatments.

Natural remedies for hairs have always been an easier and safer hair
treatment than the other forms of hair care products. Many people doubt
on the natural way of hair treatment though it is less expensive and
easily available.

We will try here one method for natural hair growth. Take a rosemary and
jajoba oils. Mix the two together in a vessel (up to the oil quantity)
and shake it up vigorously to keep the oil separated.

After this, take the mixed oils and massage into your scalp and to that
area where you think your hair is thinning. I am damn sure about this
quick natural way of hair growth treatment than those advertisements for
we seen in print and electronic media.

I don’t know but I have heard from my friends that many people don’t
like to massage their scalp. For them it is hard and boring. I have
advised this natural way because massaging scalp works and quick way to
stimulate hair growth.

Our hair follicles need nutrients from our blood for their growth. So it
is sensible that we must get more blood circulating throughout scalp
for nice hair growth. Massaging helps in blood circulating to your scalp
and with the two oils I have specified above. Rest of the thing will be
done automatically and you will get good hair growth.

In city’s daily life our hair faces the pollutions, dust and grime which
make hair dirty and tangled. Hair potion protects each hair strand from
these dust and grime and not allows dirt from settling in. Hair potion
is not a shampoo. It’s a leave in conditioner gives continuous
protection from pollution and works as a hair mask.

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Hair potion to style your hair quick and easy

Losing hair too frequently nowadays? Some people attribute this hair
fall to the pollution and the heat while others say their hair oil is
not effective and is attracting dust. Hair potion is not a shampoo. Just
like hair oil is applied before shampooing, hair potion is to be used
after shampooing. It protects hair from atmospheric dust and pollution
and prevents it from damage. It can also be called as a post wash
conditioner that helps to untangle hair and protect it from dryness.
Unlike hair oil which can attract grime and dust, potion protects the
hair from dirt and enables hair to stay clean and smooth until the next
wash. It also allows a comb to slide smoothly down your hair after your
shampoo. Generally, people lose maximum hair after a shower.

Hair Potion offers round-the-clock protection from dust, heat and grime
so that your hair stays nourished and healthy. People who face hair loss
now have recourse. Ninety five percent of the cases, hair fall is
genetic but unhealthy diet, travelling in the sun, carelessness, overuse
of hair dye, daily stress, etc, can lead to hair loss. Hair potion
protects each hair strand and not allows dirt from settling in. It gives
continuous protection from pollution and works as a hair mask. It is
ideal for people with dry and damaged or oily hair. Hair potion acts as
an add-on to your hair care needs and will enable that your hair looks
lustrous and shiny.

Applying hair potion regularly to your hair has various benefits:

1. Helps to make your hair stronger

2. Ideal for dry or even premed and color treated hair

3. Makes hair soft and smooth

4. Protects hair from dust and grime

5. Creates texture on longer hair enabling you to try different styles, braid it or tie it

6. Easier to work on and adds volume to your hair

7. Hair stays shiny and manageable

8. It can smooth limp ends and make your hair easy to style

9. It also saves time on your combing and styling, dry and damaged hair
is difficult to comb, tangles easily and does not style easy.

10. Instant hair care

11. Calms down all hair problems and allow you to experiment with new styles/ hairdos

How to apply hair potion:

• Apply hair potion after shampooing your hair and before you completely
dry it, take some on your palm and apply generously on your hair from
root to tip.

• Ensure that you do rub it vigorously on your hair. Unlike oil, hair
potion is just to be gently smoothed on your hair from root to tip.

• Potion the hair to the roots to make your hair easier to work with

• Apply hair potion before braiding or twisting your hair to a bun, this makes it easier to style and hold

Hair Potion is ideal for curly hair as it untangles your hair and helps you to manage it.

Applying hair potion regularly restores your hair’s natural condition, leaving hair with renewed shine and volume.

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Manchester Hairdressers

There are many hairdressers in Manchester – we are spoiled for choice.
Some are very “up-market” if you go to Manchester City Centre but the
parking and slow moving traffic can be off-putting let alone the prices –
though I don’t blame the Salons themselves as the rates and rents are
much higher too. Fortunately we don’t have to go far out of town to get
much more reasonable rates and without having to compromise our

I had the good fortune to come across a brand new Salon just “over the
border” in Stockport – The Hair Club. It opened this year on Lower
Hillgate and although the salon itself is new the staff as is common,
have come from various other (some quite famous) Manchester Hair Salons
and so have much experience with womens hair.

Personally, I have had to use hairdressers from around the North West
as both a student and when my work needs me to stay overnight seeing
various clients or, as has happened recently when I got snowed in just
befor Christmas. Other times I want to go straight from a meeting to a
party and, of course, I like to get my hair done first – so I’m not
always able to use my usual hairdressers.

I’m often surprised at the difference of service levels, cost or quality
– some are very friendly and have great attention to detail whilst only
charging £21 while others leave me feeling very brushed off and hurried
when the salon is very busy and yet then charge £79 for the

More hairdressing salons are adding additional services to the standard
hairstyle, cut, extensions or colour service – such as nail manicures or
even have a fully trained beautician on site so you can get a full
make-over and not just your hair done. This is a great benefit and
saves much time (or embarrasment!). Often it is much cheaper than a
specialist beautician as an extra bonus.

Should you have a good hairdstylist and a good price I wouldn’t be too
quick to go to some of the big names in the city centre anymore – you
could be very dissappointed as well as much lighter in the bank balance.

I usually do book, but this isn’t always possible as I’m just not that
organised so I really appreciate Hair Salons that make the effort to fit
me in when I haven’t been able to. This happened to me last month and
The Hair Club in Stockport, just off Wellington Road were great. When I
haven’t booked it means I already have a flap so I just don’t want one
of those painful and begruding phone conversations which are really
saying “You should have booked”. I don’t need a guilt trip – I need
some help. I know I should have and I would have but… You can tell
that has happened to me before! I was very impressed when James at the
Hair Club was pleasant and helpful when I just walked in and then
stayed after hours to fiinish the job – and did an excellent one too!
Let’s have more service like that – you’ll be seeing me again.

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Indulge your hair into sheer luxury

Beautiful hair always compliments a woman’s personality. Even if you put
on a very expensive designer outfit with your hair looking untidy and
sloppy, it will only make you look disastrous. If you can spend so much
on your wardrobe, why not pamper your hairs with some really luxurious
hair products. It is not just about showing off but with these range of
products you will surely get some good results.

Getting great hair is no longer a problem; you can easily turn your hair
into vivacious tresses that will make you look like a million bucks. If
you have always desired to get the hair styles of the Hollywood
celebrities, its now your turn to transform yourself into a diva.

Indulge your hair in a luxurious experience with the Senscience Liquid
Luxury, a product of Shiseido Laboratories. Being pioneers in the field
of hair-care, they have come up with a selected range of shampoos,
conditioners, treatments and styling products, providing a rich and
healthy look to your hair. Senscience Liquid Luxury gives you a
revitalizing effect on your hair with rich, lavish and tenderly fragrant
formulas. It not only repairs your hair but also nourishes, moisturizes
and strengthens them from root to tips.

If you want to straighten your hair without damaging them and is quite
confused and apprehensive about their health, you can simply leave them
on to Yuko System which are pioneers in the hair straightening business.
Even famous international stylists recommend using Yuko System as it
gives a lot of shine to the hair.

With the Turbo Ion Manufacturers, you can try out some very interesting
hairstyles by using their world class straightners, blow hair dryers and
curling rods. You don’t need to spend several hours before the mirror
in order to get the right kind of hairstyle. Turbo Ion not only
straightens your tresses but also repairs and detangles it.

Pamper your tresses with the Paul Mitchell system which is very
effective in getting results as per your hair type. Paul Mitchell system
works in a particular system- cleanse, condition, style and finish
which is designed to fit all the needs of your hair.

If your hair is becoming dry, lifeless and dull, Scruples hair products
will definitely help you to get results. Scruples hair products works in
an efficient manner by restoring protein and moisture in your hair to
make them more healthy and strong and also protects them from dust and

Davines brings to you a unique range of products which gives special
emphasis on using natural ingredients to beautify you. All the products
are scientifically engineered and are carefully created to give you full
satisfaction. All the products of Davines are a combination of style
and spirit.

Nairobi Professional Hair Care products best cater to the professional
hair stylists and their clients. It has achieved a major breakthrough in
the field of hair care science which includes development of moisture
replenishing system, a conditioning relaxer system, a therapeutic
dandruff system and a semi-color system. Nairobi is indeed a clear

Getting silky straight hair was never so easy, thanks to the Croc Flat
Ion Straightners range which has made the task simple. The Croc flat Ion
straightners are truly efficient in straightening your hair without
even damaging them and makes your hair more smooth and silky. You can
get static free sheen in just a few minutes.

The American Crew Hair products makes your hair look thicker, with full
of strength and health. The Crew Hair products include Crew Trichology
hair recovery concentrate, Crew fiber, Crew Pornade, Crew Classic wax
and other products.

Apart from the hair care products, they also provide you with skin care
products like Blinc; it is a combination of hydration and ever lasting
treatment which enriches the skin from within. Blinc does it all and
makes you look like a diva.

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Celebrity Hairstyle: Know what is “in” nowadays

Looking for the hottest celebrity hairstyle inspiration for 2010? Look
no further. We’ve pulled together all the classic celebrity hairstyles
from Jessica Alba’s bob with bangs to Carey Mulligan’s super-short pixie
hairstyle, Vanessa Hudgens’ long defined waves and Rihanna’s new long,
brunette side-swept fringe: they’re all here for you to browse, print
and take to your hairdresser.

The Natural Look Is Always In

Long and natural looking wavy hair is strongly linked to femininity and
it has ruled the 60s and will rule 2010 as will 2011, 2012 and so on.
This look enhances your face features thus giving you an innocent yet
extremely sexy look. The queens of the natural style include Vanessa
Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox.

Pin- Straight “Jen” Hairstyle

Aniston’s straight hairstyle is a craze again. After “The Rachel”
hairstyle made popular by Jen during the Friends days it is her ultra
straight hairstyle now that is driving every girl in the town crazy!
Wearing a straight and glossy hairstyle is surely a pure perfection and
it definitely gives you that neat and tidy look.

If you wanna embrace straight hairstyle then begin by using a deep
conditioning treatment in the shower. Before blow-drying, use a
lightweight, heat activated styling cream, which gives curly or wavy
hair a shiny and straight look. Finally, use a ceramic straightener as
they protect your hair and easily slide over hair without snagging or

Pixie Hairstyle

Sharon Stone, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Carey
Mulligan et al are sporting short and sexy Pixie haircut. Pixie can be
called the celebrity hairstyle of summer 2010 as Hollywood beauties are
cutting their long locks and are sporting super spunky pixie cut. Pixie
was also popular with the Hollywood sirens of the yesteryears. Remember
Jean Seberg aka Joan of Arc who was famous for her high profile link
ups. Her other claim to fame was the classic pixie she sported.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Pixie has been adored by
the beauties since time immemorial! The first reason could be it’s a
wash and go hairstyle and is perfect for the summers. Another “wow”
thing about the haircut is it looks good in most face shapes. It
delicately gives your face a nice shape and enhances your facial
features. Though it’s a short haircut it is still feminine and sexy. It
is also an ideal hairstyle for women with thin hair, adding a beautiful
volume to the hair.

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Secrets to a Great Haircut

Whether we like it or not, the first impression we make on other people
is usually about the way we look. If you’re warm and friendly on the
inside, you want it to come across on the outside, the same way that
you’d want to look professional at a job interview. For instance, a
classy blouse, a decent skirt and a sophisticated headband would leave a
better impression than clothing that is either too sloppy or too
revealing. The same goes for your haircut. You want it to be stylish

Getting the perfect cut is easier said than done, though. You may have
had the experience of realizing too late that a Mia Farrow pixie cut was
a mistake that no amount of chic hair clips can undo. So…. does the
perfect cut have to elude you? No Slippy Hair Clippy, makers of the
finest non-slip hair accessories in the market today, shares tips to
make sure that your next cut will get heads turning for all the right

Before the Cut
Deciding on your next haircut should take a lot of consideration. It is
not only about whether or not it looks good on you, it’s also about your
lifestyle and the time that you’re willing to spend on styling.
Consider your morning routine. Are you the type to keep putting the
alarm on snooze and end up having too little time before you have to
dash out the door? Or are you a morning person who wakes up early and
have just enough time to put yourself together? Consider the changes. If
you’ve always had your hair straight and decided to have some dramatic
waves, are you willing to incorporate new styling tools, products and
hair accessories into your regimen?

Consult Your Stylist
Go to a trusted hair stylist for advice. Ask what haircuts compliment
the shape of your face. Let her know what you liked and disliked about
past haircuts. Also fill her in on how much time you have to style your
hair. A good stylist will take into account your features and lifestyle
and then suggest a look that suits you best.

Get the Picture?
Most hair stylists would say that having a picture of the haircut is
very helpful when understanding their client’s personal style and taste.
Remember, the two of you need to be on the same page. You may be asking
for a cut like Rihanna’s chic asymmetrical bob, while your stylist is
picturing her edgy Mohawk!

Speak up!
Try not to get too absorbed in the salon chatter and instead, pay
attention to your hair. If your stylist is headed in the wrong
direction, speak up! It will save the two of you a lot of trouble if you
make adjustments during your cut rather than afterwards. Also, instead
of gossiping about your favorite celebrities, try asking your stylist
questions about how to maintain the haircut, how to style it, which
hair accessories will look good with it, etc.

Let’s Face It
We need to accept the reality that not all haircuts look great on
everyone. And some require a lot of work to maintain! If you have thick
curls, it will be quite a task to get a sleek, straight cut ala Jennifer

One More Tip
Don’t forget to tip! Basic rule of thumb is that the average tip for
your hair stylist should be 15 to 20% of the cut cost before tax. If she
did a marvelous job, feel free to add in a few bucks. Don’t forget the
assistants who helped them out as well; around $5 is generally

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