How To Make Your Kitchen Look Modern and Neat

How To Make Your Kitchen Look Modern and Neat

Many things can be done so that the kitchen appears present. Come on, we discuss it one by one!

Talking about the current kitchen certainly can not be separated from the material and decorating trinkets. From expensive to more affordable alternative materials, you can choose everything to make your kitchen trendy.

The decorated kitchen area is also diverse. Starting from the walls, tables, to the kitchen cabinet is a “target” touch of contemporary kitchen decor.


The choice of tabletop material is also necessary for today’s kitchens. Many materials can be used for tabletop, namely granite, solid surface, and homogeneous tile. To choose it, it all depends on your taste, needs and of course the budget you have.


The ceramic display is what can then make the kitchen look present. Various ceramic motifs are available on the market, for backsplash you can choose vintage ceramic motifs. The colorful and beautiful patterns of ceramics will certainly make the kitchen more lively.

In addition to ceramic, there are tiles made of cement namely tile tiles. Tile motifs are also colorful with smaller tile sizes than patterned ceramics.

If you do not like the colors that are too crowded, you can choose 10×20 plain tiles. This small-sized ceramic tile is usually called the subway tile and has often been used as a backsplash for a long time.


Lighting in the kitchen also plays an important role to make the kitchen look present. Especially with the number of decorating accessories that are present in the kitchen, the lights will make the appearance of trinkets even more “wow”.

You can use spotlights at several points to illuminate kitchen displays. Hidden lights or hidden lights can also be an option to be applied on the sidelines of the cabinet. This light play will present an elegant impression from your kitchen.


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