Pond Pumps: The Right Choice

Pond Pumps: The Right Choice

A pond will never last without a pond pump. It is one of the most important garden pond supplies or equipments that is needed to keep the water system alive. Not only does it help the pond biologically, a pond pump also adds to the beauty of the water system. A pond pump can come in the form of a water fall or a fountain which both allow the water to freely move in the pond. Moving water is the key to the proper oxygen circulation in the pond.

At first, you will find choosing the right pond pump a bit confusing. This is due to the fact that you have to consider a lot of things concerning the pond size, water volume, required flow rate and the filter and UVC requirements. As for a waterfall, it is normally used in a bigger type of pond where there is a high volume of water. A fountain on the other hand can be used in the much smaller pond since it doesn’t require a lot of water to circulate. Keep in mind that ideally, the pond pump should be able to reach the flow rate of at least half of the pond water volume.

The right pond pump is also dependent on the pond’s specific design and purpose. The type of pond pump that can suit the best in small to medium sized ponds with water volumes not exceeding 800 gallons is the submersible pond pump. This pond pump type can easily be connected to submersible filters.

As the name suggests, a submersible pump are designed to work under the pond water. This type is chosen by many pond keepers because it’s less costly than the external pump type. Not only does it cost cheaper, it is also easier to install. Conversely, the operation of this pump type can be more expensive compared to the external one. Since it’s submerged in water, the motor which is enclosed in a waterproof resin can come in contact with the water and be broken. Another thing is that this pump type is a wear and tear type. Once the motor stops working, it is time for you to purchase a new submersible pond pump. Repairing is not common for this pond pump for safety reasons.

On the contrary, a submersible pond pump can still last longer if properly things are properly maintained. The pond for instance should be clean, free from unwanted debris and other foreign contaminants that make it dirty. The pond pump should also be cleaned regularly. This can be done for at least once a year to prevent it from clogging due to dirty pond water.

If you think a submersible pump is just not right for your large pond, then you should go for an external pond pump which works best in larger ponds. This type of pump works well with a biological filter and is capable of handling large water flows. And just like the submersible type, this should also be properly maintained to keep it working for a long period of time.


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