Healthy Fish Pond – Dos and Don’ts

Healthy Fish Pond – Dos and Don’ts

Can’t wait to have your own fish pond? Are you having trouble planning the things that your pond should have? Well, stop worrying. Below are the list of the things that you should know on how to build and maintain a healthy fish pond.


The very first thing you have to take in mind when making your fish pond is its depth. Having the proper depth for the size of your fish important for the way you pond will look. You will need a shallow pond if you plan to breed small fishes. Shallow pond would be about 4 feet deep, this is the minimum depth for fish ponds. But if you will breed large fishes, then you can have deeper.

Pond Size

It is not just the depth of your fish pond that matters, but also its width and length. Be sure, when making your pond, that there is enough space for the fish. A large pond will allow your fish to breed more than smaller ponds. It is known that there are some fishes that are territorial, which means that they need a space away from other fishes. This is because some fishes will sometimes attack other fishes that will cross their territory. Having enough space will mean that your fish won’t be attacking each other and your fishes will also have enough space to lay more eggs.


Your pond should have aquatic plans because they can help you keep your pond’s environment healthy. You should choose an underwater plant if its purpose is for providing oxygen for your fishes. These plants can give enough oxygen to your fishes. Find out also if your fish needs a shade, if they do then look form lily pads or other shade plants. Don’t put a lot of plants in your pond, let your fish adjust to their environment first. Build your pond under a shade but don’t build it under a tree because of the falling leaves.


If you want your pond to stay for a long time then investing to some equipment is a must. Water-pump, filtration system, water aerator and ultraviolet sterilizer are some of the equipments recommended for a long term fish pond.


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