A Pain in the Glass

A Pain in the Glass

Whether it is modern myth, legend or fact, it is said that as soon as painters finish painting the Forth Bridge in Scotland, they have to start again. Sometimes it feels like that with cleaning windows – as soon as you’ve done it, they seem to need cleaning all over again.

Well imagine how long that might take if your whole building was made of glass. We’re not talking about people who live in Greenhouses here, but the massive modern facades of contemporary office spaces, their faces glistening and bright. And while people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, they should also think about how they’re going to clean the buggers too.

But if that’s not enough, these modern, gleaming edifices can cause even bigger problems – repair and maintenance. Think about it – in the time you live in your house there’s a chance you will replace the windows, maybe more than once. You very rarely need to replace the bricks. So for those buildings that are predominantly glass this can be a massive undertaking. While they look pretty flashy, they can be cause of a huge amount of commercial glazing maintenance. Glazing repairs have to be handled by professional outfits and if you thought changing your glass was a pain, imagine doing it thousands of feet up. Commercial glazing maintenance is not only about replacement but also needs to take into account the upgrading of thermal and drainage performance, replacement of handles, hinges, locks, installation of seals and relevant safety and privacy films as well as upgrades to meet current health and safety regulations. And once all the glazing repairs have been done there’s still a fair bit of cleaning left to do.

So next time you’re moaning about cleaning your windows, just remember it could be a whole lot worse.


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