Why use a window template

Why use a window template

The very short answer as to why window templates should be used is that they ensure much faster construction of complex windows. Window templates are made from cavity closers which have become an essential component of the construction industry over the years. Cavity closers are comprised of a number of different parts, all neatly packaged into one, easy to install product. A rigid bricklaying template, a window acceptor, a damp-proof course and a thermal break between the inside and outside of the wall all make up a cavity closure. Once this has been installed, the window can be easily and quickly fitted, saving construction workers both time and money.

Cavity closers and window templates were first introduced in the 1980’s and since then have become more and more relied upon for quick and easy window installation. Windows in the home not only need to look good, but they also need to provide excellent security, noise reduction and insulation. In the winter months the heat needs to be retained, and in the summer months the heat from the sun needs to be kept at arm’s length. Cavity closers made of PVC-U fulfill all these functions well. Furthermore the material PVC-U is completely recyclable too which makes it a friend rather than a foe of the environment.

A PVC-U cavity closure ensures the total elimination of moisture around a window or on the glass. This can sometimes be a major problem with houses and can cause a great deal of damage. The effective seal and unique properties of this type of cavity closer remove this problem altogether. They are completely air tight and comply with all building regulations on this matter. They also come complete with an overhead vent with an external flush grill that improves their aesthetic appeal. Another feature of a PVC-U cavity closer is that they act as a brickwork template so the window itself can be easily fitted at a later date. This is a huge time saver for construction workers and builders who can complete the job much more quickly.

There is no other product as effective at sealing cavities around newly built walls and consequently they have become one of the essential components in any new-build project. They optimise productivity for those who are installing windows as much less time is required to do it. The spring-clip system allows pre-glazed windows to be “clipped” into place in no time at all. There is no adhesive required or any special tools needed to fit windows once a cavity closer is in place. The damp proof layer and effective moisture barrier continue to be effective for many years to come helping to keep a home completely dry and free from moisture. The PVC-U material lasts for decades too as it extremely hard wearing and durable. Despite this it is 100% recyclable unlike other types of plastic materials.

Cavity closers and cavity barriers made from PVC-U are completely recyclable, easy to install and allow huge time and monetary savings to be made. They do not harm the environment and are an efficient way to fit windows. The idea of a window template such as these has revolutionized the way windows are installed and removes the need for tools, equipment and specialist adhesives. The end result is a window that look great, is super strong, offers great protection and keeps noise levels to a minimum. The insulation offered is second to none too. They make the installation of glazed windows and even the fitting of a window board much easier to do, and that is how they have become invaluable to building teams across the world.


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