Benefits of Choosing Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Benefits of Choosing Pattern Imprinted Concrete

With paving maintenance being quite costly and the invasion of weed growth, sand escape and oil stains a major concern, we take a look at a modern alternative to traditional block paving and other problematic paving types.

Pattern imprinted concrete can be used as a solution for both residential and commercial customers offering a wide range of benefits over the more traditional option of block paving including:

* Virtually maintenance free
* Does not sink or spread
* Weed free
* Stains can be easily washed away or treated
* Limitless combination of patterns and colours

Pattern imprinted concrete is the most popular and appealing decorative concrete mainly due to its flexibility in design with endless combinations of colour, texture and pattern. It can even be made to simulate wooden decking, brickwork and crazy paving. Common residential applications include driveways, patios, gardens, paths and pool sides or surrounds.

Unlike block paving, pattern imprinted concrete must be laid by a professional due to the requirement of professional equipment and also requires a complex skill base to install, it would simply not be practical to learn the skills required to undertake just one project yourself. Therefore it is very important that you hire a tradesman who specialises in this type of paving because if it goes wrong, unlike block paving – it cannot simply be patched up, for a seamless repair the whole installation would need to be replaced.

With so many self proclaimed professionals it can be very difficult to distinguish a qualified professional fitter from an inexperienced ‘cowboy’ and this is where the ICUK website fits in. The website uses the UK’s largest database of pattern imprinted concrete installers and best of all the database is commissioned and constantly updated by Britain’s leading pattern imprinted concrete training body, known as PICS or ‘Pattern Imprinted Concrete Supplies Ltd’ so when a contractor is recommended from the database, it comes with the assurance that the company recommended has surpassed the guidelines set by PICS.

PICS offer a range of innovative decorative paving systems suitable for almost any environment, based in Newbury, Berkshire they design and manufacture products and services throughout the UK and export to over 16 countries worldwide. ICuk are proud to be partners with the undisputed leader in architectural paving systems in the UK and some of PICS clients include McDonalds, KFC, The Natural History Museum, The BBC and many other high profile organisations.

It is of the utmost importance that your paving project is given the best start by having recommended a quality pattern imprinted concrete installer, with so many complications that can arise from poor quality workmanship such as cracking which cannot be easily repaired and can lead to having the whole driveway re-surfaced.

If you are looking to commission a pattern imprinted concrete installer to install a new driveway, patio or commercial project, then visit the ICuk website where you can complete one simple form and have recommended a quality imprinted concrete installer from the PICS network of paving companies.


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