uPVC Fascia and Soffit Boards

uPVC Fascia and Soffit Boards

At least once a year take the time to have a good look around the exterior of your property for any necessary maintenance as the heavy rains and wild winds of UK winters can create havoc on guttering, cladding and drainage systems. If you leave any repairs until the cold weather returns then it might be too late and you could end up paying a lot more for repairs than you anticipated.

Leaves and twigs blown from nearby trees can lead to blocked up gutters and drainpipes, if the rainwater isn’t able to flow freely through the system then it will eventually flow over the sides of the house, staining the paintwork and causing further damage to your soffits and fascia boards. Over time, this constant battering from bad weather will ultimately cause severe damage to your property which you may not see until it is far too late.

It’s important to regularly check the roofline of your house or business as most properties are likely to still have the original wooden fascia and soffit boards from when the house was built as they are designed to last for years, unless you have replaced them recently yourself recently. Looking up at them from the ground isn’t any good as they can look fine from this distance. It’s best to get out a ladder and climb up there to investigate further to really identify any problem areas, get someone else to look if you don’t like heights. They might just need patching up or may be beyond repair and need to be replaced. You can hire a company to do the work for you, or do it yourself if you consider yourself a DIY expert.

Wind and rain, and windblown debris can easily damage any paintwork, which will then let in the rain. Once the wood is wet it soaks up moisture and expands, then when the sun comes out the wood dries out and it becomes warped and cracked. Over a number of years the cracks and splits in the woodwork start to rot and by then they need replacing.

The most modern types of uPVC fascia and soffit board don’t experience these problems as they are durable and extremely tough. They require no painting and are literally maintenance free once they are fitted. This makes them a much more cost effective option than traditional timber. Quality roofline products are available in a classic white finish, black, rosewood, mahogany and golden oak.

There are 3 types of fascia boards to choose from. Square edge maxi boards will give your roofline a neat, contemporary look, Ogee maxi boards offer a decorative style for a more traditional appearance, and Bullnose maxi boards have a smooth, rounded edge and are more of a heavy-duty option.

High-quality, PVC vented soffits will help to protect your attic space as they feature integral ventilation slots to provide a constant flow of air to the roof space, helping to prevent mould growth and condensation, and protect rafters from rot. As well as plain flat vented soffits, you can also find a tongue-and-groove effect vented soffit for a more decorative appearance.

Fascia’s and soffits are easy to fit and require minimal maintenance throughout their lifetime. They never need to be painted or treated, and an occasional wipe clean will keep them looking as good as new for life. Made from the same lead-free calcium organic PVC-U compound, they can make a striking and durable addition to your home.

Look online for the full range of uPVC guttering, cladding, fascia boards and ventilated soffits, designed to make any home look good whatever its age or style. You can find top quality products needed for full replacement projects at competitive prices. PVC is an environmentally friendly option and guaranteed to last at least 20 years against cracking, swelling and corrosion. Once you have them fitted you will have a maintenance free roofline for many years.


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