Kitchen Countertops to Give a Makeover to Your Kitchen

Kitchen Countertops to Give a Makeover to Your Kitchen

Designer kitchens are in demand these days and a stylish kitchen counter can completely change the look of your kitchen.

When it comes to choosing the right kitchen counter, there are lots of options available in the market. The options are in terms of design of countertops as well as the material they are made from. While planning to remodel your kitchen, it is better to hunt for varieties present in market and understand what is going to look good in your kitchen.

Granite kitchen counter is one of the most in-demand options present in market. Black granite not only gives a classy look to kitchen, but its shine also remains for years. For those who prefer durability and less-maintenance demanding counters, granite is a suitable material.

Laminate is another option your can consider. It is made of various layers of papers, which are heated and compressed in different patterns and colors. The market is flooded with an endless range of laminate counters that will go well with your traditional and contemporary looking kitchen.

There’s another range of countertop that is ideal for rough and tough usage. Ceramic tiles have recently gained popularity as the counters topped with these tiles are highly resistant to splashes and scorching. Ceramic counters are available in different sizes, shapes and colors but they definitely are an expensive option.

Coming to natural stones, there are ample options present in market. Right from marble to soapstone, you can shop for the ideal kitchen counter that fits into your pocket quite well. The best thing about natural stones is that they are elegant but touch. These days, counter top manufacturers are providing a variety in natural stones ranging from polished, tumbled to honed finish. You must know that these stoned surfaces demand regular sealing.

Butcher block is a recent entry in market, which has got high demand because of the variety it comes in. These blocks are made from hardwood strips like oak, maple and bamboo that are glued together. One has to be really careful with butcher block as water and moister can damage the block. It must be kept away from sink area.
The options present in market are numerous and it entirely depends on the consumer what option he goes for. There are a few factors like budget, design, durability and maintenance that should be kept in mind when you are all set to give a designer look to your kitchen.


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