The Many Benefits of a Sleeping Porch

The Many Benefits of a Sleeping Porch

Most people do not often sleep on their porches. However, it is the best of both worlds – you are somewhat indoors yet can feel the cool night breeze, watch the stars, and wake up to birds chirping and a lovely sunrise. Sleeping porches have been sued for centuries and are beginning to be more popular in recent years.

A sleeping porch is essentially a screened-in porch that is furnished with a place to sleep, normally a bed or a day bed. Screened-in porches are already common features of many homes that give homeowners a place to relax and spend time without being bit by bugs or affected by the weather. Think of your screened-in porch as a place that you can also sleep in as long as it is outfitted with the proper furniture to sleep.

In the spring and fall, when nights are cool, sleeping on your porch is a great thing to do. When it is hot in the summer, some people prefer sleeping outside on warm nights instead of opting for air conditioning inside that may keep you too cold. You can even use your sleeping porch as a place to enjoy a short afternoon nap, as the warmth will make you tired and put you to sleep quickly.

If you aren’t interested in sleeping on your porch, your kids may very well be. They love the adventure of sleeping outdoors, and this is a viable option for them that will keep the parents happy too. You will know that they are safe since they are inside an enclosed room, and they won’t have to worry about bugs, overnight rain, or dew on the ground when they wake up. They will be able to look back on the experience positively as well as get a good night’s sleep.

If you don’t already have a sleeping porch, you should consider installing a screened-in porch or adding the necessary furniture to sleep on. If you think that adding a full screened-in porch may be too much money for you to handle, you could take a lesser route and install a porch with a porch awning. You could still sleep under it since the awning will act as a layer of protection between you and the sun, although you will not have the comfort of screens around you. The choice is yours, but either one is a good one to make.