Bamboo Flooring- A Modern and Sophisticated Flooring Choice

Bamboo Flooring- A Modern and Sophisticated Flooring Choice

Long gone are the days when the choice of flooring was just limited to the plywood and marble flooring. The emergence of hardwood floorings has revolutionized the concept of the traditional flooring and innumerable people are opting for different types of wood flooring. You can choose from Walnut flooring, Cherry flooring, Pine flooring, Mahogany flooring, Maple flooring and Oak flooring. However, one type of hardwood flooring which stands tall among other types of flooring is the bamboo flooring. If you want to add the beauty of bamboo to your home without compromising the natural resources, then bamboo flooring makes a perfect choice for you.

Often, bamboo is mistakenly considered by most people as a tree, but as a matter of fact it belongs to the grass family of plants and grows very fast. In fact, some varieties of bamboo can grow at an amazing rate of 3-4 feet in a single day. This attribute of bamboo is simply enough to make it superior as compared to other traditional hardwoods because bamboo can be harvested after every 3-5 years of its plantation. Hardwood trees such as walnut and red oak, on the other hand, may require nearly 50-60 years to reach their full maturity. It means that bamboo crop can be harvested 10-13 times in 50 years and continue to provide the wood that is used in the building projects.

Another advantage of the bamboo flooring is the style, beauty and great natural look it brings to your home. There is a wide variety of colors and styles available in the bamboo flooring and you can choose one that makes a perfect match with your interior décor. Moreover, the wonderful knuckle pattern and glossy surface of the floor get the attention of everyone who visits to your home.

Moreover, the strength and durability of bamboo make it comparable to walnut and maple. Areas which receive the high foot traffic on a regular basis are often installed with bamboo flooring. Even heavy furniture, fallen objects and frequent spills have a little effect on the bamboo flooring. Moreover, the cleaning and maintenance of the floor is easy and you just need to clean it gently with the help of a mop or broom.

If you live in a humid area, then the bamboo flooring makes an excellent choice to install onto your sub-floor. The reason is that bamboo is not susceptible to the daily changes in the humidity levels and it doesn’t contract, expand, warp or crack easily. Another advantage of installing a bamboo floor is that it can easily be sanded and refinished. Moreover, it also performs well against stains and abrasive chemicals.

There are different methods of installation of bamboo flooring and you can choose from glue-down method, nail-down method or floating-floor method. Each method of installation has its own pros and cons and you should choose one that fits well to your flooring needs.


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