The Effects of Floods

The Effects of Floods

leaving almost the entire city submerged under ten feet of flood water. It has also recorded six tragic drowning deaths. Though severe flooding is extremely rare, significant property losses, tremendous destruction and loss of lives often loom in the aftermath.

Natural disasters such as floods brought by heavy storms, do not happen on an instant, though but it is better to be prepared more than anything else. Avoid placing your chances for survival in the hands of another person. This will be like going to a war without any weapons at all. Thus, arming yourself and preparing for the worst is crucial to your survival. It is top priority that you have the telephone numbers of the different evacuation centers and rescue centers in your area or even neighboring towns and cities if you already know that you live in a flood-prone area. Prepare an emergency bag that has some emergency medical kit, bottled water, flashlight, cellular phone where it will come handy in case of evacuation. What are the things that you have to do and remember when you are stranded in flood-stricken land?

The very basic that you should have first and foremost is presence of mind. This will keep you at your feet while panic attack clouds your decision-making abilities thus hinders sound judgment especially in life-threatening situations. Try to take deep breathes, compose yourself and focus on the situation when panic attacks. Taking deep breathes during panic attacks have been proven to decrease the severity of panic thus helps one to think wisely.

Since fire often times simultaneously occur during flashfloods, be sure to unplug all electrical equipment and make sure that the main source of electricity is switched off and the gas pipeline outlet is shut off. This will not only prevent electrocution but also minimize the danger of potential fire, totally damaging your home.

Transfer your valuables as well as furniture to the highest and safest part of the house keeping them away from the door. Place your valuables inside a deposit box if you have one where possible looters will not see.

Once the flood warning is released, immediately leave your building but do not walk on flooded area as floodwater as shallow as six inches deep will definitely push you away. Drive to safer and higher grounds as water current can push your car uncontrollably downstream if you are in a car.


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