Wall Heater

Wall Heater

Wall heaters are warmer gear used to maintain a comfortable temperature in room. These heaters are implemented on wall so save your floor space. These heaters are used to warmth the room in winter season and at chilly areas. Main advantage to choosing electronic wall heater is that it doesn’t need any duct or gas lines .Wall heaters are recognized as consistent and long-lasting heaters; able to warm whole room instead to focus on particular area.

Easy operate-able: this type of Heaters are easy operate-able; just adjust heat according to room temperature. Please adjust the thermostat to temperature, which is comfortable to you. These are ideal for providing relevant heat or by consuming less Energy. Make sure that mount the heater on wall that is not surrounded by furniture. Otherwise the surrounding furniture will reduce the efficiency of heater. You will not get proper heat.

Some people use fire chimneys to heat up room or home. But it is an expensive way to warm our room. And also gives fly ash to our home- makes home dirty. If you are using wall heater- then it is more efficient; consume less power; and keeps you home neat and clean. If you are using wall heater in bathroom; must follow the IEEE safety rules.


Electronic heaters are worked by electric-current. Heater has one element known as resistor; that convert the energy to heat. Resistor is surrounded by a metal; which provides heat energy to room to keep it warmth. It is best way to acquire a hot temperature during chilly environment. Also an easiest way – just switch it on.

When, you are planning to buy a wall heater. Keep following guidelines:

• Consider how much heat or warmth’s you require
• Is it according to room size?
• You have range of power option from 400 – 800 W.
• If room has more windows then strong capacity heater is required.


We recommend the HT2024SS Q-Mark 240V, Digital programmable with led touch screen. Thermostat is available for customize temperature settings. Another one is Q Mark CRA2224T2 240/208V 2250 that has fast response coil to provide quick heat and low maintenance. These are also come in attractive color and brand
If you are looking heater for bathroom then Dimplex EF621C 240/208V 2000 is a good option for you having 16 minute timer. This model is mainly used in bathrooms, kitchens etc.

If you want a wall heater then www.heater-home.com is a right place for you. Choose a right wall heater is not an easy task. So, find the best heater that is in accordance with your home requirements.


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