Why Choose Dimplex Heaters?

Why Choose Dimplex Heaters?

Dimplex is a manufacturer of heaters supplied throughout the UK and beyond. The range of heaters within the Dimplex brand is numerous and includes electric panel heaters, storage heaters and tubular heaters among others too. There are a good number of reasons to consider purchasing a heater from the Dimplex range and this article will tell you why. Once you have all the facts about Dimplex then you are sure to want to find a brochure and start choosing the heating for your home right away.

Dimplex Storage Heaters
Were you aware that Dimplex electric storage heating is second only to natural gas as a choice for central heating systems in the UK? All Dimplex products are manufactured to the highest and most stringent safety requirements laid out in the UK. The material used to insulate the heaters within the range is so effective that it is also used by NASA on their space shuttles. The heaters are extremely durable and last for many decades, not years and as the market leader in storage heaters in particular you would be hard pushed to find better elsewhere. Heaters and radiators can look unsightly in the home, but with a Dimplex storage heater you will see that maximum performance is provided in the most discrete way possible. Because they use off-peak electricity to heat up then you will always save money over running central heating or other types of electrical heating in your home.

Dimplex storage heaters take up very little room, they are 100% efficient and require no flue which means they aren’t regulated by building guidelines and limitations. They can be used alone or as part of a larger heating system and are absolutely maintenance free. They will go on for years without needing any attention or work doing to them. Because they provide continuous heat during the day they heat the home brilliantly. They maintain a constant temperature and are “charged up” during the night when electricity is much cheaper.

Other Dimplex Products

There are plenty of other products within the Dimplex range. These include electronic panel heaters, tubular heaters and radiators. All of these products offer the same efficiency and value for money that the storage heaters provide. The panel heaters are ultra compact and can provide rapid heat at the flick of a switch. They are well insulated and provide a continuous background heat in any room they are situated in. They can be mounted on the wall and the different designs and stylish appearance makes them attractive to look at too.

The tubular heaters provided by Dimplex are completely safe, they use very low wattage and are perfect at providing background heat for frost protection or as window de-misters. The heating element is fully enclosed which makes them as reliable as they are safe and keeps running costs down through efficiency. Tubular heaters can be fitted to the floor or to walls and they can even be fitted in groups if greater heating is required in a particular area. They can be used in many different commercial or domestic situations including greenhouses, conservatories, airing cupboards, caravans and yachts. As with all Dimplex products they meet stringent health and safety guidelines and comply with BEAB surface temperature requirements. They are all BEAB approved so you know you are in safe hands.

If you are looking for heaters for the home then you can’t go wrong with dimplex heaters. There are a range of heaters to choose from including storage heaters, panel heaters, tubular heaters and more. Visit your nearest electrical wholesaler to find a good selection of heaters to choose from and start saving money on your heating bills and fuel costs today.


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