Choosing a Programmable Thermostat

Choosing a Programmable Thermostat

When you invest in programmable thermostat, you are taking more control over your heating and cooling system. Not only that, the money that you spend can be a valuable investment. Here are some important advantages of digital wall thermostats with programming functions.

Thermostats that have programming capabilities can be an excellent way to save money on energy bills. For example, you might wish to have your home interior warmer, when no one is home in the hot weather. On the other hand, by the time you get home in the evenings, your home can be cool and comfortable inside. For example, you can set the indoor temperature to 85F or 29C, when the house is empty. However, you may set the temperature for a more comfortable 76F or 24C for when everyone is home in the evenings.

When you shop for digital thermostats, make sure that you buy the proper ones. For example, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) may utilize a furnace and central air conditioning unit. Not all thermostats will work with heat pumps that employ back up heat. Check to be sure that you have the right model for your system.

You can have many different features, like a touchscreen programmable thermostat, or one that features phone or voice programming. Some have functions that let you employ a separate weekend program, from your normal weekly schedule. This is important if you or your family are home on the weekends. Some models may have features like a vacation setting, for times that you are away for several days at a time.

Many homes and indoor spaces are on more than one level, these days. In these cases, you may have multiple zone heating and cooling. Also, in larger homes and buildings, there may be more than one HVAC system operating. You can still utilize digital wall thermostats for these applications. However, you cannot use ordinary thermostats. If one or more rooms in your home is abnormally hot or cold you might consider the use of a remote sensing thermostat. You will need to shop for thermostats for your particular application. In some cases, multiple zones systems can be complex, and it may be best to consider professional installation. You may be dealing with temperature sensing units and coordinating the efforts of many different components.

Working on complex systems requires a certain degree of skill and knowledge in HVAC and electronics. However, if you are simply replacing units with ones that are programmable, it may be possible for the average do it yourself homeowner. A good rule of thumb is to look at the wires and circuitry that is involved. If you are unsure what you are looking at, a professional installation is the best choice.

If you are interested in reducing your heating and cooling bills, a programmable thermostat can be an excellent investment. These products allow you to select temperature settings for different times of the day and night. This can increase cooling and heating efficiency a great deal. Make sure that you buy the right model for your needs, and consider professional installation for more complex systems, which operate on more than one level of living space.


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