Problem Conservatories

Problem Conservatories

Buying a conservatory is fraught with worry and potential problems. Part of this worry is down to the industry’s reputation for certain cowboy builders who are known for aggressive sales techniques, broken promises, poor quality work and occasionally going bust leaving the customer with no-one to turn to.

In response to this, the windows and conservatory industry has come together to rid the industry of the cowboys and provide protection to its customers. The result is the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) who are there to take the risk out of buying conservatories for consumers.

There are other professional trade bodies covering the industry at the moment but none of them offer protection to the consumer in the way the Ombudsman can. What makes the DGCOS unique is its power and muscle it has within the industry.

Independent Ombudsman
The DGCOS is a true independent Ombudsman that has an ongoing process of vetting installers to ensure they are both honest and provide a quality service. This vetting process is an ongoing procedure to ensure standards do not slip. In addition to this they can act as a powerful arbiter if disputes do arise.

Why choose a DGCOS installer
As an overview the Ombudsman provides peace of mind. Specifically they deliver this by offering a series of benefits that are designed to help you.

Deposit protection: Initially they will protect any deposit you put down so long as it is not over 25% of the purchase price. This is great because this is always the point of no return with most contracts and parting with the money to someone who could go out of business the next day is always a worry at the back of your mind.

10 year guarantee: Having a comprehensive 10 year guarantee is essential to avoid the worry that you won’t be able to find your installer years after they have banked your money and then the roof starts to leak. We all know conservatory companies offer guarantees but also all worry they won’t be that bothered years after the conservatory has been completed. This guarantee is similar to the NHBC 10 year warranty offered by house builders.

Insurance Guarantee: What do you do if your conservatory company goes into liquidation? The insurance backed guarantee guards the consumer against this problem.

Professional Mediators: Like any complex project, disputes do happen. The conservatory industry cannot avoid these but what the Ombudsman can do is provide a free mediation service in the case of a dispute with any of its members.

Independent Inspectors: As part of the dispute resolution process, the Ombudsman can provide independent inspectors to verify exactly what work has been carried out and to what standard it has been done.

Binding Arbitration: The key to resolving any disputes within the DGCOC is a mandatory and legally binding arbitration service that all the members sign up to. This comprehensively protects the consumer with a process they know all installers will adhere to.

The DGCOS is a win-win for both consumer and installer. It offers the consumer complete peace of mind, while conservatory companies like it too because they do not want to be associated with cowboy installers that bring the reputation of the industry down and therefore deter people from buying.


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