Easy Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Easy Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

An energy efficient home consumes lesser heating oil. If your home is energy efficient, you will be able to enjoy warmer winters and cosy nights without worrying about high home heating cost. Some homeowners think that making their home energy efficient will cost them a lot but the fact is that it will not. There are very easy ways to make your home energy efficient.

Here are some of them:

• Invest in home insulation. You don’t have to spend a lot. Insulate the pipes, water tank, and cover the gaps on the walls, floor, windows, and door. When you insulate the home, you help maintain the heat inside. This means that you don’t have to turn the thermostat setting to high all the time. You can just turn the setting to low and you still get a warm and cosy home.

• Sometimes the reason for our high heating bill is our own negligence. If you turn on the home heating system and the doors are open, the heated air will definitely escape out. Don’t expect for a lower heating bill if you are negligent. Before you turn on the home heating system, make sure that all the doors and windows are closed. Don’t let the heated air escape out. This is something that should be done out of common sense but some homeowners are just so negligent or sometimes they just forget about it.

• There may be rooms in your home that you don’t use. If there are, close the door to these rooms. Also place a “door snake” or the fabric tube filled with sand on the bottom of the door so that the heated air will not be able to enter the room through the gap on the bottom of the door.

• Help in keeping yourself warm. Instead of setting the thermostat to high, you can just put it to low setting and then just wear a sweater or a sweatshirt to help yourself warm. If you keep on wearing thin and short clothes, the more that you will feel that it is still too cold inside the home so you are inclined to turn the heater’ setting to high. This consumes too much heating oil.

Making your home more energy efficient is not that hard and it is not that expensive as well. In fact, sometimes it only takes common sense to make your home energy efficient.


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