8 Ways to Reduce Energy Bills This Winter

8 Ways to Reduce Energy Bills This Winter

Winter is an extremely difficult season for households. Especially for a household located away from an urban area.

Here’s 8 ways you can reduce your heating bill this winter:

1) Taking advantage of loft insulation and cavity wall insulation grants are just one way to help with the increasing cost of heating your home this winter. Loft insulation grants are now available to people of all walks of life. The government understands that it is necessary to make insulation affordable to the general public, and by assisting in insulating all households in the UK, it may help to drop the carbon emission output of the country by well over 15%.

2) Another way of reducing energy bills is to be aware of how your household appliances work. Ceiling fans come with two settings which changes the air flow in a room. Changing these between seasons can help either blow hot air down or push cool air through.

3) Today’s technological advancements have helped to develop energy efficient light bulbs which are far more efficient than the average light bulb. With these energy efficient bulbs, households will be saving over 23 Sterling pounds per bulb.

4) Using timers in areas such as bathrooms and laundries is also a precaution that can reduce your energy bills and household costs.
Maintaining heating elements such as electrical fire places and heaters are mandatory to keep them functioning at maximum efficiency.

5) Conserving water is another vital factor in reducing energy bills. Many households waste a large of amount of water on daily usage.

6) Purchasing low flow fixtures and attaching them to items such as taps and showers is an excellent way of saving energy.

7) Buying energy efficient appliances which include fridges, dish washers and air conditioners can help greatly in reducing energy bills if the items are energy star certified.

8) Programmable thermostats are used in certain households which help reduce heat flow from the house to the surroundings. If the temperature difference is low between the exteriors and the interiors, less heat will be lost.

A note on insulation grants:

Government insulation grants are a means by which the government can make the public aware of the growing energy crisis. Not only is it a way of saving money, it is also a form of saving something for the future.

These guidelines are recommended to all household owners. It is also recommended that houses that are yet to be insulated look into loft insulation grants and cavity wall insulation grants in order to instantly increase their energy efficiency by up to 60%.

Insulationgrants.info has helped over 6,000 households claim insulation grants for cavity wall or loft insulation, dramatically reducing their energy bills.


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