The Different Types of Bi Fold Doors

The Different Types of Bi Fold Doors

If you mention the concept of bi fold doors, in a general scenario, people tend to imagine clumsy doors with odd knobs that are not durable and those that ruin the aesthetics of a building/home/office; however, this is a very conventional outlook or a view about bi fold doors.

Bifolding doors in contemporary context is the ‘in thing’, which is available in different types/styles, designs as well as specialist frames that make a lot of practical sense for utilizing them in different living areas to match one’s style and convenience.

The bifolding doors can actually be one great office/home solution for enhancing the beauty or for utilising the unused space. Let us check out the different types of bifolding doors.

Raised panel bifolding doors

The raised panel bifolding doors are the most widely used type of doors that is not only but also adds to décor of your home. The highly raised wooden panel is most the attractive feature of bifolding doors. Basically the raised panel bifolding doors have three sections; panel, rails & they are either in horizontal or vertical styles. This type of door is frequently used to addition beauty to the interiors of your home/office and also makes good use of the space.

Accordion bifolding doors

Do you have a large an empty space in your home or office? Use the accordion bifolding doors to create a separation. The bi fold doors are available in different materials; vinyl, wood, glass or PVC. These bifolding doors come with specialist frames and you can use them almost for any purpose; hide the laundry area, closets, garbage area, separating the rooms or even for interior decoration. So it is totally up to your choice to use the kind of bi fold doors.

French Bifolding doors

Basically the French bifolding doors are available in two kinds- bevelled glass and tempered glass. These kinds of doors serve as excellent room dividers not only this, they also help to make more room or space without spoiling the look of the living area rather this kind of bifolding door adds a touch of class.

Flat panel bifolding doors

The characteristic feature of a flat panel bifold door is its simplicity, which has clean lines and these doors are available with a variety of styles and configurations that cater to individual needs and taste.

Louvered Bifolding doors

This kind of bi fold doors is ideal for laundry areas, as it is available in two kinds- with ventilation or minus the ventilation. And they are also useful to create space for some privacy.

All of these raised panel bifolding doors or the flat panel ones or the accordion bifold type of doors are also available as double glazing doors if the customers choose to have them. Double glazing doors can actually complement to some spaces and they are preferred choice for offices as they call for little maintenance and add a dash of class to the room.


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