uPVC Door Advantages

uPVC Door Advantages

Wood has traditionally been chosen as the preferred material for creating the doors and windows of a home because of its durable and strong nature, and also because hard wood can be easily crafted into different styles and designs. However, these products always require a lot of effort to maintain. For example, the wooden door and window frames require regular varnishing and sanding to ensure that they remain weather resistant and clean. This is where the un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC doors and windows come into use.

The uPVC doors are made by using a special plastic material, which is resistant to corrosion from extreme natural conditions, without losing its aesthetic appeal. These revolutionary products are fast becoming a craze all over UK because of their long life and low maintenance requirements. The uPVC material never flakes or rots and rarely ever requires cleaning. This is why the companies manufacturing these products are ready to give guarantees of as long as 10 years.

uPVC Doors: Easy to Handle and Secure
There is one misconception amongst the masses that uPVC doors do not provide adequate security to the home. They could not be more wrong. With the correct locks, only composite doors surpass the strength of uPVC doors. When selecting a locking system, look for doors that utilize state of the art multipoint locking technology.

Standard cylinder locks can be replaced by following these five simple steps, equipped with just a screw driver:

1. Buy a lock similar in shape and size to your old lock
2. Remove the old lock by simply unscrewing the bolts holding it in place
3. Insert the key into the lock and slowly turn it to a side till you feel that the key is firmly in place. Now gently move it further to pull out the cylinder of the lock
4. Put the new lock in place of the old one and tighten the screws. Here, special care should be kept to place both the bolt and the lock in their proper space
5. Tightly screw the bolts and check the locking system multiple times to ensure proper functioning

Not very complex, and for an experienced burglar, a door with one locking point will probably not present much of a challenge.

With multipoint locks, there could be 3 or more points in the door where it is securely engaged to the frame. As they are not obviously located, it is much more demanding in time and effort to find then force each point in turn to gain entry.

Also, with multipoint locking technology, there is no cylinder lock – neither barrel nor plug. Instead, the locking mechanism is firmly placed inside the uPVC door, enhancing the security far beyond traditional locks. (A standard keyhole is used though, to keep the classic look). This is another reason why uPVC back doors are so highly in demand.

Low Maintenance and Robust uPVC Back Doors
According to the home office website (UK), doors are the preferred mode for forcible entry into the house for burglars (67%). Of this, a large number of break-ins are carried out through the back door. This is why choosing uPVC or composite doors with their heightened security features are a must for protecting the rear of the house.

A uPVC back door provides all the advantages of the uPVC material and come with a choice of a robust mortice or cylinder lock. Its specific uPVC construction provides high resistance to forcible entry. The only drawback that these doors had was a lack of colour options. Even that has been resolved, now that these doors come in all possible shades and finishes, including one that appears identical to a hard wood design. Their fully beveled frames create a slim visual appeal, which heavily improves the sight lines. Common available options range from 60mm to 70mm, with an option to apply 44mm thick glazing.


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