Using uPVC Doors as French Doors

Using uPVC Doors as French Doors

Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC doors offer several advantages over the traditional materials for making such structures. For one, they are extremely cost efficient. Their insulation property helps keep the hot air inside during winters while stopping the heat from filtering indoors during the summers. This way you can expect to make huge savings in the form of low electricity bills by limiting the use of heaters and air conditioners.

The advantages don’t stop here. These doors are almost as durable as their aluminum counterparts, while requiring very little maintenance. For cleaning them, all you need is a single wipe and a wash. On the other hand, you will have to conduct regular sanding, repainting or varnishing sessions with wooden doors to make them look new again. This makes uPVC products much cheaper in the long run than their competitors and so should be considered a good investment.

This is why people prefer uPVC for their front, back and French doors.

uPVC Doors: Patio or French Doors
Winters tend to be extreme in almost all parts of the UK. This is why when summer arrives, we all wish to laze in the warm sun and relax. Patios tend to be the perfect venue for most summer activities. The whole ambience can be further augmented by placing the right furniture, adding lighting fixtures and decorating the space by landscaping the area. One can further enhance the appeal by adding a French door to the setting.

Patio doors are the entrance way to the patio from the interior of the house. This might be a simplistic statement, but it does mean that they set the scene as you move from an indoor room to the outdoor room. Their beauty not only adds style to the patio but gives an aesthetic appeal to the whole structure of the building. Such doors can be purchased in several shapes and designs of which the uPVC French doors are most sought after. They are available in several styles and colours to match any décor. One specific design matches the look of hard wood so well that you actually need to touch the door to know the difference.

One specific advantage of uPVC French doors as patio doors is that the uPVC material means you can enjoy your time in the garden, rather than being constantly reminded of the need for maintenance. As for security; uPVC doors should contain a high tech locking unit, which is extremely resistant to any breaking-in attempt. So, with these doors, you are assured of heightened security while you sleep.

uPVC Doors: Front Doors
There are several advantages of using uPVC front doors. For one, they contain an airtight seal around their edges that helps keep out draughts and also minimizes heat loss. Add to this the already mentioned properties of uPVC and we have the perfect front door at hand. These doors come in two principal varieties:
• Solid uPVC
• uPVC with glazed panels

Both varieties are suitable for a contemporary style home (white or coloured door frames), as well as traditional style homes (wood grain effect door frames).

Generally, double glazed glass is used for all uPVC doors because they provide added energy conservation. For those who want even more energy efficiency, energy rated windows can be used which help to retain/capture heat and reduce energy bills.

Doors are often opened and closed with great force. This happens during strong breezes as well as when boisterous children are playing. So, glass fittings within the doors should be such that they are able to withstand the force. Two options for safety glass are:
1. Laminated Safety Glass: This glass contains a plastic membrane between two subsequent panes. Even if broken, the glass itself will not budge from its place due to the plastic layer.
2. Toughened Safety Glass: This glass is strengthened by making it go through a tempering process, which makes it 4 times stronger than standard glass.


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