Discover Sinks that Move Where You Want

Discover Sinks that Move Where You Want

The Portable Sink – Move it in, Fill it up, Plug it in and Turn it on.
A self-contained portable sink goes anywhere and everywhere, because it requires no plumbing-neither water supply nor special drainage – portable sinks are self-contained hand wash stations. Think port-a-potty- but, in an exclusive high end sink design and you can imagine the convenience offered by portable sinks.

Both Hot and Cold Water Options
Your portable sink will arrive fully outfitted for safe and simple operation the Ozark River portable sinks have an exclusive ‘Quick Connect’ feature that makes it a snap to connect tanks. Plus, each Ozark River portable sink is equipped with an on-demand heating system built in. This heating component allows optional dispensing of both hot and cold water. If you desire hot water, you simply place your portable sink and hand wash station near an electrical outlet and plug it into a 20Amp electrical outlet. Ozark River brand hand wash stations are outfitted with CGFI switch box which adds additional safety to comply with standard electrical code. Ozark River portable sinks plug into a 20Amp dedicated outlet.

Tank Capacity and Quick Connect Feature
Obviously these portable sinks do not represent an endless water supply and must be refilled intermittently on an as-needed basis. However, thanks to the ‘Quick Connect’ feature, part of every sink Ozark River portable sink accessory kit, filling the fresh water tank and emptying the waste tank is simple . Best of all, Ozark River and offers individual accessory options any time you need replacements and we offer prompt shipping around the globe. And, because we are the original equipment manufacturer for the Ozark River brand portable sinks, you are guaranteed the best price and service possible when purchasing an Ozark River sink appliance.

A small hand-washing station, such as the style used in preschools and daycare settings, are purposely designed for youth and school age children yet when completely full the portable sink fresh water tank has the capacity to yield approximately seventy thorough hand-washes. Other units come equipped with larger tanks proportional to their size.

How Portable Sinks Work
You will require access to water for filling your supply tanks, and later, a safe and sanitary place to dispose of wastewater from the waste tank. Ozark River, manufacturer of award winning portable sinks, recommends using their Steramine quaternary mix in situations where thorough hand sanitizing is mandated by public health inspectors in accordance with state and federal laws. Steramine is a 200 ppm quaternary sanitizer, made without chlorine, and is easy to mix and use. Steramine is an excellent sanitizing solution for food service, hospitals, child daycare, education and restaurants. This quaternary sanitizing solution is also perfect as a three step wash system for glasses and bottles and is an economical way to fight germs and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In normal home and outdoor settings, where thorough sanitizing is less of an issue, you simply fill your supply tank from any fresh water source. You need not worry about cross contamination of fresh water tanks or take any additional measures because the waste water is housed in its own entirely separate tank.

Designs adapted to just about every site and situation
From a toddler-sized hand-washing station to a major industrial or food service multi sink basin design, you can easily find portable self-contained sinks to suit your purposes. Ozark River also manufactures custom design sinks or PLR appliances by contractual agreement. No matter what size or configuration you choose, your unit requires no plumbing fixtures such as hook-ups or drain links. Naturally, for just about every portable sink, you can increase your convenience with extra water and waste tanks, fill and drain hoses, and the full range of accessories is always available thru the website.

Ozark River manufactures all types of portable sinks including outdoor sinks, camping sinks, diaper changing stations complete with hand wash station in the form of a portable sink and many other specialty type sinks. For food service and catering use, choose a two- or three-tub sink with ample water supply for washing hundreds of dishes and dirty pots. For construction sites, select a heavy-duty weatherproof unit with specially designed sink-traps to screen out dirt, sawdust, and concrete.

NSF Approved
National Sanitation Foundation inspectors routinely review and inspect portable sink designs and construction, making sure they meet strict standards. As you shop for a portable self-contained sink, make sure you look for the “NSF” seal. An NSF approved sink will not rust, mold, or grow bacteria. Making Ozark River sinks non-toxic to humans dealing with waste water disposal and normal clean ups.


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