Get the Best Builder’s Quote For an En-Suite Bathroom

Get the Best Builder’s Quote For an En-Suite Bathroom

There are many reasons for thinking about adding an en-suite bathroom to your house. Maybe you have a growing family, have taken in a lodger or simply want to add an extra degree of comfort and luxury to the property. However, before starting the work there are a number of things to take into account, to make sure that the finished work meets your needs:

1) Size. En-suite bathrooms can be very compact when need be. Even so, it is worth measuring up to make sure that there is the space available to add one. You should also try and envisage the finished work, to make sure that the bedroom affected doesn’t end up too small or oddly shaped when a chunk of it is partitioned off. It may be worth checking out the size and shape of all the bedrooms before deciding which one is to get the en-suite fitted.

2) Functions. For most people’s purposes a WC and a wash basin are the essential elements. If the space, and budget, will stretch to a shower unit then so much the better. More luxurious options such as a Jacuzzi or sunken bath are very attractive, but you should maybe consider whether it would be more advisable to add them to your main bathroom.

3) Building work. Getting a local tradesman to add on your new en-suite should be easy enough if you do it online. Post details of your work needing done on a “find a builder” auction type site and wait for recommended builders to come back with quotes. You should put on as much detail as possible, to ensure an accurate builder’s quote.

4) Location. Generally speaking, the closer to the existing plumbing the easier, and cheaper, the job should be to do. If you have a couple of teenage kids who each want an en-suite then a compromise could be to have a shared one fitted between two rooms. In this case the doors should be lockable, to avoid problems, and it should be made clear from the beginning that the en-suite is to be shared.

5) Other features. If there is not going to be a window then an extractor fan will be necessary. A sliding door will save lots of space in the design of the bathroom.

With the en-suite designed and a good builder’s quote achieved you now can get on with the work and start to enjoy the pleasures of having a good, well thought out en-suite bathroom in your home.


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