Walk In Bathtub – Boon To The Old And Challenged

Walk In Bathtub – Boon To The Old And Challenged

A walk in bathtub is one kind of a bath tub preferred by the old and physically challenged group of people among others. It allows the users to take a bath comfortably in a sitting position. It has got an interesting mechanism. The swing door of the tub opens itself when the tub is empty, that is when there is no water. The temperature of the water can be easily adjusted with the help of dials or switches provided. One can also adjust the force of the shower. A walk in bathtub is a bit smaller than the usual bath tubs. That makes it convenient for the owner to put it in one corner of the bathroom without it consuming much space.

The best feature of a walk in bathtub is that it attends to a person on a wheel chair. The transfer is very smooth. Some of them even have railings and other materials that will help the user to get a grip of them while bathing. There are also therapeutic jets, an excellent feature of such bath tubs which helps relieve muscle pain.

One disadvantage of the product is about the doors.

The doors which open only when the tub is completely empty can sometimes cause trouble in an emergency situation. But nowadays there are models which have implemented a new way with the doors and are cheap and effective. The doors which open inwards can actually save a lot of space compared to the ones with a door opening outward. There are door locks available in some models.

A walk in bathtub is available in a number of materials. From glassy thermoplastics to glass fibres, they are easily available in all ranges. The latter is much lighter compared to the first one. One important thing after buying a walk in bathtub is its installation process. Only an experienced or a specially trained one can fix it properly. Self-installation is not a very good idea unless the person is very confident. It usually comes as one piece and care should be taken as to not damage it when taken inside though a narrow doorway.


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