Exploring The Different Types Of Bidets

Exploring The Different Types Of Bidets

Bidets are fast gaining popularity as a means of hygienic cleansing after using the toilet. If you are also considering about installing a bidet in your bathroom then there are a few basic things that you need to be aware of before you proceed. First you need to know what a bidet exactly is and how it works.

A bidet is a porcelain fixture that is installed near the toilet seat that helps people to clean their butt using water instead of toilet paper. The bidets were first invented in the 18th century and since then they have been modernized to the extent that today, one can get electronic bidet installed.

The most common and original form of bidets were the basin type, which are further classified into two subtypes. The first of these subtypes is the classic one which is similar in appearance to a faucet sink. However, it is placed much lower in the floor next to the toilet seat. Once a person finishes using the toilet, he just needs to move over and sit on the bidet seat and turn on the faucet to cleanse the butt.

The other subtype of the traditional bidet is the French basin, which functions in the same manner as the classic one except that it is provided with a spout that throws the water upward and one needs to sit on top of it to get cleansed. This enables the toilet users to clean their butts without getting their hands dirty.

Modern electronic bidets can be operated with the help of a control panel or even a remote control. But the most advantageous difference between these modern bidets and the traditional ones is that they can be attached over the toilet seat itself making it convenient for the users the clean themselves without moving around. It also makes bidet installation convenient in any bathroom without worrying about the shortage of space.


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