Water Conserving Shower Heads and Faucets – Save Water, Energy, and Money

Water Conserving Shower Heads and Faucets – Save Water, Energy, and Money

In America alone, 40 billion gallons of fresh water are used per day. All that water must undergo a cleaning process before it can be used again. If you are concerned about your family’s use of water in the home, there are cost-effective changes you can make that are easy and very worthwhile. The main purpose, besides being helpful to conservation efforts, is to save you money each month on your water bill. Possibly the easiest and most popular change you can make in your home is to install water conserving shower heads and faucets.

Sometimes, when people first hear of this idea, they think that all their faucets and shower heads will lack any pressure and be a downgrade. However, this is not how water conserving shower heads and faucets work. By incorporating aerators into all the faucets, these water conserving faucets combine air with the water flow to sometimes actually increase the water pressure while simultaneously using much less water per minute. Faucet aerators cost as little as $5 and are easy to install, yet they have the potential to yield significant savings over time. By doing this, each faucet in your home will save one gallon of water per minute every time it is used.

After a mere 15 minutes and for as little as $30, you can install a new shower head that will have the ability to pay for itself in water conservation. The project is so simple, that you need not even shut off the water to your shower. Remove the shower head with an adjustable wrench and allow the excess water in it to drain out. Clean the interior with vinegar and allow it to dry completely. Wrap the pipe’s threads with plumber’s tape to ensure a snug fit of the new shower head. Use your hands rather than tools to attach the new shower head and turn on the water to check for leaks. Be careful not to over tighten the water conserving shower heads and faucets as doing so can damage them.

There is a wide variety of water conserving products available today. In an environmentally-conscious world, these are reasonably priced and highly available. If you are ready to save water, energy and money, now is the time to install water conserving shower heads and faucets throughout your Boca Raton real estate . A family of three can save over 10,000 gallons of water a year with these in their home.


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