The End of Link Building?

The End of Link Building?

Link building remains one of the most well known and effective ways of driving traffic to your website. But as is the case with almost everything in the world, people have prompted the discussions of the doomsday for link building.

The webspace is clouded with rumors of the curtain falling down on the link building exercise that almost every Search engine optimization (SEO) in the world undertakes. SEOs spend countless hours trying to examine and re-examine Google analytics data and figures to find out a conclusive linking targets for their website. Getting the link-juice is the main aim of the SEO, but what if Google shuts down the link-building factory altogether? Scary, isn’t it?

Rumors sometimes can be as dangerous as a blind guy running amuck with a grenade in hands as those believing in all these predictions might start trying their hands at other SEO techniques and end up ignoring what matters the most. Unless and until it is completely specified by Google (that never happens, does it), one wouldn’t want to tread on those lines.

If a recent patent is anything to go by then all your hard work might just have been done to benefit Google itself. Google recently received a patent for an ‘Enhanced Document Browser with Auto-generated Linkage’. Does the term automatically generated ring any alarm bells for you?

For What this means is that the links would be individually tailored to the reader based on their browsing history, making your link building exercise a completely redundant exercise. This could only mean delight for the users but complete agony for the whole industry.

The patent, which is an update to a 2004 filing, was granted in February. The weak hearted might just sit back before beginning to read the details of this patent as they’re in for a mean shock. Optimists would be of the opinion that this patent would only be targeted at Google’s own pages or those who choose to opt for it. Whatever we may know of Search engine optimization (SEO) till now might just be thrown down the drain and we would have to start right from the beginning, strategizing in those long working hours, our eyes stuck on the laptop screens. This would also raise a huge and complicated web property rights argument, and that surely isn’t going down well with anyone at all.

What we can do is just safely assume that this is just one of the things that Google has done for its own satisfaction and not something that would have wider implications for every one of us out there. Given that each one of us would rather be the ostrich that prefers to stick its head in the ground in case of an oncoming danger, we just cannot rule out the possibility of it happening.

The recycle bin might just be the only place where all your intensely researched keywords land up in. Until then, Pray!


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