A Look at the Super Premier VFC BAR Airsoft Rifle

A Look at the Super Premier VFC BAR Airsoft Rifle

Good airsoft guns usually cost between one hundred and three hundred dollars, but every once in awhile a truly incredible airsoft gun comes along that blows them all out of the water. These types of airsoft guns, of which there are only a few, cost over seven hundred dollars, and are only meant for the most professional airsoft players. Anybody who is below that level would certainly be able to handle the product, but if you are not going to use it on a professional level, there is no point in dropping such a large amount of money.

The particular airsoft gun I am referring to is the VFC BAR M1981A2. This behemoth prices at $1,250, even higher than the Classic Army Para, which is $750. So what makes this product so good that it can cost more than one thousand dollars? First, it has a lathed aluminum barrel, which greatly increases accuracy and makes virtually all pellets that leave the barrel travel in a perfectly straight line. Also, since the gun fires at such a rapid rate, it is very difficult for anyone to escape the barrage of BBs that come flying towards them.

The gun is also extremely similar to a real BAR, in that it has the same method of disassembly, the same front and rear sites, as well as an attachle bipod made of steel. By using the bipod, you can make the gun even more precise than before, and you can unload rounds from a stationary position into whatever enemy post you can find.

Despite being large, the gun is surprisingly light, making it very easy to carry and transport. While it only shoots at 330FPS, which many would consider slow for a gun of this caliber, what really matters is the accuracy. Plus, once you get over 300FPS, the extra speed does not really matter, and it can actually hurt the accuracy if it gets too fast.

As you can see, this BAR airsoft gun definitely is amazing. Not many people will get to use it because of its high price, but those who do get to experience true power.


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