The Echo1 M14 Soc16 Airsoft Rifle

The Echo1 M14 Soc16 Airsoft Rifle

M14s are relatively popular machine guns, especially in the airsoft world. While they used to be used extensively in the military field, they got replaced by M16s once those were introduced, so now they have limited use across the globe. However, as stated above, they are still very much in play when it comes to airsoft, so if you want to use one in this context, you will have no problem finding a quality gun to utilize.

A very pristine product is the Echo1 M14 Soc16, which as the name suggests, is manufactured by Echo1. This is a great airsoft company, and all of their products stand up to real life tests of durability and power. There are many great aspects of the Soc16, including the fact that it uses a Version 7 gearbox. It is almost a full meter long, weighs almost four kilograms, and comes with a high capacity magazine. You need to use a large 8.4V battery to power it, but when it comes to airsoft rifles, that is a pretty standard requirement.

Now for the interesting stuff. First of all, the high capacity magazine is extremely useful, as it helps you operate more efficiently when you play airsoft. Next, you need to be aware of the FPS rate, which is 350. This is faster than many airsoft rifles that are even pricier than this one, so it is good to be getting that kind of speed for this price.

Speaking of the price, most Soc16s retail for $180. That is not bad, considering this is almost a top-quality gun, and most products of its caliber would retail for over $300. With those kinds of savings, you can buy a ton of other airsoft accessories that can complement this gun for sure.

You do not just have to take my word for it. There are many other people out there who have written reviews for this product and seen how effective it really is.


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