3 Things To Avoid In Golf

3 Things To Avoid In Golf

In my last 6 articles, I keep mentioning what you should do to improve your golf swing and play like a pro. In this article, I am going to talk what you should not do to improve your golf swing or best of all, avoid them at all costs.

Spending Too Much Time On Setup

Spending too much time on setup such as golf clubs, accessories, clothes can have an adverse effect on your mental preparation for the game.

Some golfers have a wrong perception that having a perfect setup can compensate for his weakness in 1 or 2 particular aspects of golf swing.

So what did they do? They made a big fuss out of it. They keep complaining that every golf club, accessories or even clothes are not up to their standards. As a result, they spend more time in golf shops trying to select their ideal perfect setup than on golf course where they should be practising to improve their skills.

When they lose, they blamed the setup or even the assistants who helped to prepare their equipment. They keep thinking that so long as they have all the best golf accessories in place, they can have a cutting edge over their competitors. And when their competitors beat them with their setup which turns out to be average or even below, they felt indignant and unable to accept defeat in stride. Having all the best stuff without a basic understanding of the golf swing fundamentals is practically useless.

A good golfer should always prepare himself with all the basics in mind even when the setup is nowhere as what he expected.

Unevenly Balanced

If your body is unevenly balanced and you are not able to change that, golf is also not for you.

Without a proper balance, all your efforts in posturing your body and swinging will be gone down the drain. It will be impossible to apply any forward thrust to your swing.

If your feet is not firmly on the ground, you can also lose your footing and bearings of where you want the ball to strike. There is no way you can deliver a solid strike unless your body and mind are totally at ease with each other when swinging the club.

Wrong Body Posture

If you keep getting your body posture wrong no matter how hard you practise, golf may not be for you and you should consider taking up a new sport.

However pessimistic I sound, having the right posture is one of the important fundamentals in golf. As I already mentioned in my last few articles, the key factor in executing a proper golf swing is the proper alignment of your head, neck, shoulders and feet. A straight line that is formed by your body will determine the force of the drive you delivered to the ball flight.

The minute your body bends over the ball, the ball will sway sideways and fall short of the green no matter how much strength you apply to your swing.

These are the 3 things to avoid in golf. Although you still can correct them with practice and good habits, it is ultimately your mindset that determines everything. So long as you can correct your mindset and not allow any distractions, you certainly have no problem at all.


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