A Few Reminders For First Time Tourists

A Few Reminders For First Time Tourists

For first time Australian visitors, landing in the airport is going to be your first step in enjoying your stay in the country. However, whether you’re holding an Australian visitor visa or are there for work, there are plenty of things that you need to do before you can even start your whole itinerary. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind in order to make everything much easier.

Your passport and visa (unless you are coming in from New Zealand) are two of the most important documents that you should always have in hand. Thus, you should have these literally in your hands when going through the Australia immigration counter to save you the time of having to fumble around looking for them. Also be sure to store these in an easily accessible place, preferably a dedicated pocket in your bag. Also make sure that your papers don’t get folded or crumpled, as these can easily get easily damaged. As a common reminder, always carry your travel documents with you when you go out.

As for money, make sure to go to a money changer before you leave the airport. Check out the exchange rates first before going in to ensure that you are getting the correct amount. Be aware that money changers can vary in their rates, but these usually do not deviate much from the actual value of your money in Australian dollars. Also, recount your money first before you leave to ensure that you have the right amount.

An even better way of carrying your money is by getting a card. Both a debit and a credit card are widely accepted in the country. You need to make sure though, that they pay in Australian dollars. In case they don’t, call your bank representative immediately and make arangements.

Going through the customs is also an important requirement when entering Australia, especially if you are carrying a lot of stuff. Make sure to declare everything that you are carrying. Also, take note beforehand all the restrictions that customs authorities imposed to avoid having a problem. In case you are carrying regulated items, such as guns or certain food items, you will have to make prior arrangements with customs officials before arriving.

It would also be a good idea to get a car rental service to pick you from the airport, which can be especially useful if you are carrying a lot of luggage. An alternative is getting a shuttle service to your hotel. Many hotels offer this as an added incentive for those who reserve accommodations prior to arriving. In case you do need to get a cab, the airport usually have a fleet of these roaming around, but you need to be sure that all your stuff will fit in.

Once you get to your hotel, you can finally think of the things that you will do the next day.


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