On The Lookout For Unusual Tourist Attractions

On The Lookout For Unusual Tourist Attractions

Those who have their Australian travel visas would definitely want to see some of the best places in the country. However, if you are tired of the usual tourist destinations, then you might want to go out and look for more interesting sights to see. And since this is Australia you are talking about, you can expect plenty of unusual things to discover on your travels.

One of the first places that you would want to go to when looking for unusual attractions is the Cohuna Koala Park in Perth, Western Australia. The park is home to a large number of koalas. What makes a trip here more interesting is that you can get your picture with many of the park’s resident koalas. This will definitely be a good souvenir to keep.

Sydney also has its own share of unusual attractions. One place you can go to for this one is the Sydney Harbor Bridge. What’s so unusual about a bridge, you might ask. Well, try climbing on top of the bridge and you will definitely find out. The Bridge Climb is, in fact, one of the most popular attractions for those seeking some adventures in the city.

Another unusual sight to see is Uluru in in the Northern Territory. This huge slab of rock is interesting to see, even from afar, as you get to witness it change color as the day goes by. Up close, you will also find plenty of interesting features, like settlement areas made by the Aboriginal people. And the local people themselves will guide you in touring the more unusual features of the rock.

The Dingo Fence, the worlds longest fence, is also a must see sight in Australia. Though not really a designated tourist destination by the Australian government, it is still visited by many people who marvel at the sheer size of the thing. The fence stretches for more than 5,000 kilometers enclosing the southeastern part of the country and was built to prevent dingoes (Australian wild dogs) from entering the agricultural lands in the area. One interesting thing to note is that there are more kangaroos in the area enclosed by the fence than outside.

And since we’re on the topic of big things here, your tour of Australia will not be complete without hunting for Australia’s Big Things. These are a collection of large statues scattered across the country. These range from simply large replicas of objects and animals, to the weirder ones, like a kangaroo holding a soda can (previous a beer can, until the people changed it) in Border Village, Western Australia. There are countless of these Big Things in the country and more are actually being added each year.


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