Rotor Aviation: Providing High Quality Scenic Helicopter Tours In San Diego

Rotor Aviation: Providing High Quality Scenic Helicopter Tours In San Diego

A scenic helicopter sightseeing tour of San Diego-what could be more exciting? Most tourists explore Southern California’s magnificent roads, beaches, and trails on foot, but Rotor Aviation offers a unique chance for visitors to experience Southern California as few ever do: from the air.

San Diego scenic helicopter tours from Rotor Aviation have the unique advantage of cutting through the barriers that normally impede ground-based tourism. Only from within a helicopter can a person see huge stretches of California’s famous shoreline all at once, without having to walk, or shake sand of their shoes. Scenic helicopter tours of San Diego and environs are ideally suited for anyone who might be interested in a bird’s eye view of California’s prodigious natural beauty.

Scenic helicopter tours of San Diego from Rotor Aviation also have the unique advantage of laying bare the private estates of some California’s most famous and wealthy inhabitants. From the road, the average sightseer would only be able to glimpse a gateway or a copse of trees, but on a scenic helicopter tour of San Diego, wealthy households are visible from the air in their entirety. Tourists can glimpse the tennis courts and pools on some of San Diego’s most luxurious estates.

All scenic helicopter tours of San Diego conducted by Rotor Aviation are carried out with the help of a fleet of well-maintained aircraft, and a cadre of experienced pilots. Rotor Aviation flies Robinson R22, Robinson R44, and Bell 206 Bill helicopters, all of which are widely considered to be reliable in the air. No helicopter sightseeing tour in San Diego is safer.

In addition to scenic helicopter tours of San Diego, Rotor Aviation has years of experience in providing training to would-be helicopter pilots. The company has been engaged in the pilot training business since January 2000, when it first began operating out of the west side of Long Beach Airport [where it is still located, to this day]. Participants in the company’s scenic helicopter tours of San Diego can take comfort in the fact that their pilots are not only capable of flying their aircraft safely, but that those pilots are also experienced to the point where they can comfortably pass their expertise along to others.

In fact, Rotor Aviation was founded with the explicit goal of providing safe, quality helicopter experiences, both to would-be pilots, and to would be takers of scenic helicopter tours of San Diego. Rotor Aviation’s staff are veterans of other, similar companies, and have made a conscious effort to ensure that Rotor Aviation stands apart from the competition in several important ways.

Rotor Aviation distinguishes itself from the rest of the San Diego scenic helicopter tour field both in its commitment to fair prices, and in its insistence upon a high standard of maintenance on all its equipment. Their customers will never be overcharged, and, more importantly, their lives will never be at risk.


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