How to Open Low-cost Online Stores

How to Open Low-cost Online Stores

Opening an Online store is the requirement of 21st century businesses. Evolve or Perish is the mantra of survival in cut-throat competition. Those who have changed their styles of business as per the changing trends and consumer requirements are still up, those who restricted change have uprooted. Whether you are running a parental business or looking to start one, you need to have a solid web presence in order to attract local and global customers.

Generally online stores may cost much less than that you may spend on acquiring and arranging brick-and-mortar Shoppe. Besides, online stores reach to the clients at large and wide. But, online stores do demand some technical know-how and skills from their owners so that they can manage them efficiently and promote them online effectively; without which it is not going to serve any purpose. Sometimes, when you do not know much about the internet technology, web designing, web promotion and online communication systems, you may fail to communicate with your customers in a timely manner and may not satisfy them with your service. This deficiency may render negative results and discourage your efforts for further developments. True! That you do not need to be an IT expert to manage your online store, but some basic understanding and operational skills must be there.

The above information doesn’t mean that you can not open an online store and may not compete with the world. You can! There are some simple and easier ways to sell your products online, without getting into designing, developing and managing an online store. There are many online B2B and B2C portals and auction sites which offer you this facility. Such as Ebay, Bazee,, etc. These sites allow their members to open an online store on their portal simply by uploading product photos and filling products specifications in given forms. They will do all the web promotion and management for you. You will be notified through email if a customer has bought your product. Then you will need to check the payment in your account and dispatch the item to the ordered instructions. Isn’t it easy?

There are many such b2b portals and Wholesale Malls which are offering such facilities to their members. Some may charge you operational fees in advance, and some other may add their commission to the produce price and deduct it from the payment when a customer opts to buy it. In any case, you get the full payment of your product and dispatch the material to end client on your own. This types of online stores cost less at higher level of return.

This is really a great advantage for small business owners who really want to expand their business online but do not want to spend huge money on technology that they are not much aware of. Once you have got acquainted with the process, you may decide to launch your own online store.


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