6 ways to prospecting cold calling like a PRO

6 ways to prospecting cold calling like a PRO

Cold calling can be a hard method of recruiting, but there is a way to do it right. You see prospecting cold calling is really about consistency and strategy.

So I will be going over some prospecting cold calling tips that can be of great benefit.

Do not try to sell the prospect

It is important to remember not to sell anything nor try to recruit your prospects when you first call. Trying to sell the prospets when prospecting cold calling is not going to really work especially if you are new to cold calling. What you need to focus on, is the chance to sell or recruit this prospect.

Plan an opening statement

It would be helpful to have an outline to what you are going to say. You should never say things like you already know them ex.”Hey hows it going” because you would then come off as someone weird.

Know your prospect

It is important to do research on your prospect, not individual wise but as a target market. You need to know the wants and needs of your market so when it comes time to call them you will are able to address them immediately by their wants or needs.

Form a connection

When prospecting cold calling it is also useful to keep in mind that you will need to from some type of common ground. You can do this easily by asking questions like where they are currently working as or in school for. And depending on the answer received, you can answer back explaining how that relates to you in some way.

Try to make a follow up

Also when prospecting cold calling it is advised to try to get a followup for when you can really talk with the prospect about your business. Like I said in the beginning do not focus on trying to sell recruit or close the prospect, simply because you want to create interest and break that barrier of a stranger to being friend like.

Hope these tips for prospecting cold calling can be put to good use.


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