Marketing New Business Ideas: DVD Copying, Colour Copying, Video, Music

Marketing New Business Ideas: DVD Copying, Colour Copying, Video, Music

When you’re marketing a small business and it’s up to you to come up
with the ideas, it’s hard to come up with a foolproof solution
Immediately, but through experienced evaluation, you can often determine
the most appropriate small business campaign for your marketing budget
by testing, experimenting, changing things up and of course the
experienced advice of someone who is used to bootstrapping marketing
strategies with proven return on investment. So it’s time for business
and spending honesty and evaluation when trying to work out what it is
I’m supposed to be doing to develop my business interests, from my DVD
Copying business, to new video and music ideas, to our expansion of our
Colour Copying services in Auckland this year.

Sometimes I think hard about how I apply my time and a classic example
is the fact that I tend to write for SEO rather than fixing my site so
it looks more appealing to visitors that do come. But if I just keep
writing, won’t eventually it just keep adding up? Yes, but that’s not
the point. Sure I can write a lot and that will help with marketing my
businesses and making more money, but, there are probably better uses of
my time. At the moment I am mainly article writing and using this to
build links for SEO, and I also run very modest ppc adwords campaigns,
and periodically I may make a video for depending on whether I see I as
appropriate for reaching out to customers.

Dividing up my time appropriately is the most successful strategy to get
the most out of efforts in my business ventures. Article writing takes a
lot of time, but at the same time it’s easy for me to do, and doesn’t
cost as much as Google ppc adwords advertising, but I have decided that
adwords is more effective for local services whereas SEO is more
successful for online marketing to a worldwide audience. Unfortunately
it can take months to get the results but at the same time once you have
good seo rankings for terms that convert. How can we analyses what will
be the best new business ideas and marketing strategies for new
business ideas?

Dividing up my time amongst business activities I handle personally:
• 12 hours I will spend on my music marketing clients and organizing
those jobs, including small business marketing and online vide services

• 4 hours on Auckland posturing services

• 4 hours on administering my cd duplication, DVD Copying and Colour Copying services

• 4 hours article writing for SEO marketing services

• 2 hours pirate related including preparation and travel

So on average day, not every day I will do a 4 hour session to cove the
20 hrs p/week I work on administering my businesses and taking care of
sales and marketing etc. but most days, not every day, depending on
whether it’s the weekend or not I will have to either have to do an
hours posturing or a pirate party. There’s a lot of stuff not covered
here but will have to be don regardless, I don’t see my self seriously
only doing 5 hours a day and some days not doing anything at all.
Analysis of time spent on various projects:
Music marketing product would take about 20 hours to write and edit, I
bet if I spent 2 hours on it a day it would probably take less than a

Then suddenly I’ve got a product I’m selling for $47 a pop. If I put
$25 down a week to advertise it and I get 250 visitors and I sell 2
copies p/week then I will be happy. But for my 12 hours music marketing,
I get $300 but I don’t have to spend any money on advertising. What if I
spent a day making something I later sold for $17 a pop, how many would
I have to sell to make it worth it? If I sold 20 copies, made $340, and
put lets say $40 into ads and promo well that would be getting near
worthwhile, especially if it was something I could sell forever. I think
I really need to think of some basic problems to solve, so I can write
an ebook info product every weekend. Imagine if I had 20 and I sold 2 of
each week for a profit of $15 after ad expenses – that would be $600.
Not a bad recurring income form a days work a week for 5 months.

The main point is that our online video services is now the main subject
of our article marketing and link building campaigns for SEO whereas I
will likely designate another $30 p/week on Google advertising in order
to bring my printing services and also my children’s pirate birthday
party service up to the goal set of an average of $200 profit per week. I
will also use SEO for my two other music marketing services – the music
marketing product and also the new music publishing service we are
developing. Design is something that still must be mentioned however,
like videos, attractive and functional design gives customers options.
Would they rather choose the less presentable business website? These
are some of the issues I’m facing building up my services including DVD
Copying and Colour Copying services in Auckland.


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