Putting Ads Online

Putting Ads Online

As you have already known, classified ads are one of the best way that
you can get your product advertised. But don’t think that classified ads
work just on the newspapers. In fact, classified ads have very much
become an important advertising medium online, in much the same way as
their paper counterpart.

And posting classified ads online has plenty of advantages over
newspapers. For one, you will have a wider reach when publishing your
ads online. Practically the whole world will be able to see your ad.
Second, you have more to offer in your ads in terms of presentation,
including video and sound. And you won’t be limited to a small square of
space for your ads.

However, just link writing ads for a newspaper, putting one online can
also be quite challenging. You need to still stand out from other ads on
the page. After all, your main goal here is to be the first one to be
read by visitors. And there are also several issues unique to the medium
that you need to resolve. Here are some helpful tips that you can use
in putting up your ads online.

The first, and most important, consideration that you need to think
about is your content. As with paper ads, you need to be direct and
concise in your message. Preferably, the most important information
about your subject should appear on the most prominent part of your ad.
This should be followed by supporting details, such as links to your
site, should be below it and in smaller, but still readable, letters. It
is very important for you to chose the details that you are going to
put in carefully in order to be as concise as possible.

And you do need to get attention to your ads. So you need to put in
words of action in the text of your ads. These include such examples as
“Watch out for This”, “take a look at this” or “Buy this!”. Place them
in prominent places in your ad to be more visible. Such as above your
main text.

Since you are on the part of making your ad more attention grabbing, you
can consider adding in visual effects. This is one major advantage that
you can get over designing ads for paper. Even simple scrolling text
can still be more eye catching than plain text. As have been said, you
can even include graphics and short videos in your ads. Perhaps the
thing that you need to stay away from is the marquee effect. This is the
one where the ad or parts of it constantly blink from time to time.
Many people are annoyed by this and it is often considered a hallmark of
bad design.

And you need to of course get a response from your ad’s viewers. So
provide a way for them sent a message or two to know more about your
product. Giving them a link to where they can post their message is the
easiest way. You can also integrate an auto responder system in your ads
so that they can simply put in their email address to get more

Once you get your ad running, you’ll have to wait patiently to see if it
does work. And the best proof that it does work is if someone actually
buys your item. But then again, that’s an entirely different story.


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