Simple Ways to Attract New Clients

Simple Ways to Attract New Clients

A simple question that plagues business owners everyday is how to
attract new clients to their business. If you are a budding entrepreneur
or a small business owner then this question is probably what keeps you
awake at night.

Even those with a steady stream of clients need new clients to keep the
profits coming in. Most small businesses do not have thousands of
dollars to spend on marketing campaigns, be it brochure printing or
print catalogs. There are still many ways to promote your business and
conduct an extensive advertising or marketing campaign even with a
shoestring budget.

Here is how:

Begin by asking. It is the simplest technique in the book but often the
most ignored. Do not shy away from your clients and simply ask them how
they found out about your business. Better yet, if you are still
employed, ask your clients how they found your company. Then use the
information you have to start promoting your business. By asking, you
will learn what worked to get clients to come in.

Custom fit your offer and let your prospects know about it. This means
looking for that niche that will get you recognized by your target
clients. Ask around and see what services have not been offered yet.
Then be an expert on that particular niche. Call around and see what
shops or stores are closed to new customers and then let them know that
you are open to serve them. Do not be afraid to ask for referrals from
other shops. You will never know who are willing to help you if you do
not ask.

Have a print sales literature. Every business, a reputable one at that,
is expected to have printed sales literature such as brochures. People
looks for one every time. In addition, it is one way of getting the word
out about your services. Brochure printing is the best way to have a
printed literature about your products and services, even about your
business as a whole. You can do your own brochures and print it in your
office printer if you do not have that much budget for professional

Have a website. The Internet has become the no. 1 venue for customers
looking for the products and services they need. By having a website,
you can avail of the opportunity of having millions of people that might
browse your site. You might be surprised by how many clients would tell
you that they actually found you on the Internet.

Pay for an ad in the yellow pages. On the other hand, look for various
directories available in your area or locality. As there would be a lot,
you have to choose which ones would best promote your business to your
target clients. Not to mention that you also have to consider the amount
that you are going to pay to have the ad. Many people still use the
yellow pages when they look for services so it would be a wise move on
your part to consider it part of your marketing activities.

Lastly, keep track of your results. Use it again if a technique works; or adjust it to get the results you expect.


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