7 Tips in Calendar Marketing

7 Tips in Calendar Marketing

Using calendars for marketing has always been a proven effective. So if
you want to invest in calendar printing for marketing, I highly
recommend it. Small and big business alike can get great marketing
advantages with their custom calendars. This includes getting increased
sales as public relations mileage for corporate image building.

In this guide, I will give you seven easy to follow tips in calendar
marketing. These tips should help you get started in efficiently waging a
marketing campaign using your own custom color calendars.

1. Print custom calendars early – The first essential tip that you
should know is that you should print your custom calendars early. Do not
actually wait till the end of the year to print your marketing
calendars. Have them ready one or two months before the new year. People
already look for new calendars a month or so before the new year for
their own personal use or for gift giving. So make sure your marketing
calendars are ready for these people. This is a great way to distribute
your marketing calendars early on and get more people to take them home.

2. Make your marketing calendars useful – Another important tip when
creating marketing calendars is to always make them useful. Don’t just
add in calendar tables that only have dates. Make space for each date so
that people can add in personal notes and events. The more useful your
color calendar is the more people will take it home with them. This
should help quite immensely in your distribution efforts and should give
you a wider market audience for your marketing calendars.

3. Use unique memorable images for each month – For your monthly images,
a good rule to abide by in designing those images is to always make
them memorable. Do not just print out the usual lame images of your
products or of panoramic views. Always use a very memorable image that
really looks interesting to people. This means that you will have to
create your own original images for your calendars with special
compositions that really engage the reader. Aim for funny, artistic as
well as shocking images for each month for the best kind of memorable

4. Have a product or business logo for each month – For your public
relations efforts, it is a good tip to always have a product or business
logo at each monthly page in your color calendars. You should always
display these symbols prominently to increase their exposure. The more
visible they are, the more readers will recognize you beyond the
calendars themselves. This is a small investment that can go a long way
for business exposure.

5. Include important dates and holidays related to your company –
Another great tip for marketing calendars is to always put in important
dates and holidays related to your company. For example, the company’s
foundation day as well as important milestones in business can be
inserted among all the other holidays throughout the year. Since they
are marked as an event, readers will most likely look at these company
events to see what it is all about. You’ll at least get a glance or two
from them when you do this and you add exposure to your business because
of this.

6. Always add invitations to do business – You should also always
remember to add invitations to do business or buy from you in all your
custom calendar pages. People must always be reminded about the process
of ordering or doing business with you. They usually must be told what
to do since they will not actively think about it unless they read it.
So make sure you put in statements like “call us now at…” or “visit us
now at…” so that you invite people to do something about your
marketing calendars. Believe me, this will increase your response rates
for marketing color calendars.

7. Always include all avenues of contacting you – Finally of course, do
not forget to list down and include all the different avenues that
people can use to contact you about your marketing calendars. Always
print out your telephone number, fax number, mobile phone number,
website URL, email address as well as your full physical address. This
will be key factors for responding to your marketing calendars that is
why you should always have them printed prominently as well.

Great! You should now have a better and more efficient time in calendar
marketing after those tips. With the right kind of strategies in
calendar printing and design, it should be easy to do marketing
correctly with calendars as tools. Good luck!


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