Choosing the Right Marketing Materials

Choosing the Right Marketing Materials

After you’ve chosen your business name, logo, and successfully launched
your store, it’s time to select the marketing materials that would tell
your customers about your business. In most cases, businesses use
several materials in their campaign. These can include all or some of
the following:

• Business card. This is a small piece of paper that contains
information about the business such as business name, logo, address, and
contact numbers. It can also contain slogans or short messages at the
• Stationery with letterhead. These are pieces of paper bonded together
that contains the basic information of the business in the letterhead.
Each piece of paper is printed with a letterhead.
• Postcard. This is used to send to customers to keep in touch with them.
• Greeting cards. These are sent to customers long after the sale is
done as a way of showing appreciation to them. This helps customers know
how important they are to the business.
• Booklets. This type of material mixes the function of catalogs and
flyers. A booklet printing highlights the products of the company and
tells people more about the business.
• Brochures. This is used to showcase the products or services of the company to encourage readers to make a purchase.

Any of these materials can be use to promote your business. But of
course, if you use a combination of materials you need to make them look
consistent. Consistency is the key to creating materials that grabs
people’s attention. If your brochures, catalogs, booklets, and postcards
look coherent, you are actually telling your customers of the quality
of your products or services. To build consistency you need to consider
the following elements:

• Background. This refers to what you would put in support of the overall look of your material.
• Color. The choice of color does a lot to the success of a material. It
is important that you choose the right colors in all your materials to
maintain consistency.
• Font choices. Choose simple and readable fonts in all your materials.
• Graphics. Make sure to choose graphics that are consistent to your business and the image you wan to project.

When all these elements are done coherently, you can be sure to create a strong and easily recognizable brand.

Many business owners, though, make the mistake of creating marketing
materials that they won’t actually use. Just because they see their
competitors using them, they insist on using them as well. Keep in mind
that when you print a material, you are spending money and time for it.
If after printing your materials simply sit in a corner in your office,
you are just wasting money, and even office space, that could have been
used for more important endeavors.

This is why it is essential that before you decide on using a
promotional material, be it a flashy and costly brochure or a cheap
booklet printing, analyze your promotional need and budget first. Don’t
simply jump into the situation and claim that whatever works for your
competitors will work for you as well.

Keep in mind that every business strives for customer satisfaction,
competence and increased profitability. If you have the right marketing
materials, you have a certain edge against your competitors. Your
products would seem better and your service more impressive. That would
be a plus factor for you.


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