How To Do Bulk Mailing To Strut Your Stuff

How To Do Bulk Mailing To Strut Your Stuff

Nowadays, more and more business owners have turned to another effective
advertising medium — bulk mailing. If you have anything to advertise,
bulk mailing can help you efficiently promote your product or service.
For one, your market is directly and highly targeted. It may also be a
cheaper form of advertising. These days, people would rather read bulk
mail than bulk email. The latter has come to be considered as spam. In
this article, you will understand the basics of bulk mailing that may
come in handy once you embark on this activity.

Firstly, you should come up with your mailing list. This can come in two
ways — it can either be affordable yet time-consuming or costly yet
convenient. You may choose to use a mailing list provider which can help
you target your market according to location and annual income among
others. This, however, could be costly on your part.

You might also want to create your list by doing an online search. In
the same way that using the Yellow Pages will give you the information
that you want. However, this could take up so much of your time. If you
have already established your business, it is good if you have already
your very own mailing list.

The next thing you need to do is apply for a bulk mailing permit. What
you can do is contact the Business Mail Entry Unit of your post office
and ask a bulk mail permit from them. Bulk mail has also come to be
called Standard Mail. It is a class lower than First Class; hence, it is
actually cheaper per piece. Now you might want to affix the postage
yourself or you might want to have a “permit imprint. When you affix the
postage yourself, it may take up some time but there is no permit fee
to pay. On the other hand, a Permit Imprint can make you print your
permit number on the mail. It also allows you to write “US POSTAGE
PAID”. In so doing, you can pre-print your envelopes without worrying
over affixing the postages yourself. This, however, entails a yearly

Once you have done this, the next step is to gather your supplies. As
required by the Post Office, the bulk mail should be sorted and
classified and put on USPS-approved trays. These can be found at the
post office in your vicinity.

After this, it’s time for you to clean and prepare your mail block and
addresses. One of the requirements of the Post Office is the conformity
of the addresses in each mail piece to some USPS standards. For
instance, it advises that you utilize your full Zip+4 codes, meaning the
extra 4 digits after the standard 5-digit zip code should be indicated.

The step to be done next is to print and sort your mails. It is highly
recommended that mail pieces be classified based on exacting
specifications. You can, however, do this easily by sorting your mails
before printing. For instance, you might want to use Microsoft Excel to
classify your mails. Now, putting your mails inside envelopes can also
be wearisome. If you want to undertake multiple mailing, you might want
to purchase and invest in a machine that is called folder-inserter. It
makes the envelope-stuffing process fully automated, and therefore
faster and more convenient.

Now the next step to take is to deposit your mail. Standard mails must
be deposited at a drop facility that has been pre-designated. Talk with
the Business Mail Entry Unit about your drop point.

But let me ask you this. Are you a businessman who is already using
mailing services? If you already are, I’m pretty sure you can attest to
the great advantage of hiring mailing services – that is directly
reaching out to your prospective customers. A mailing services company
can provide you with these mailing services. You can go online and
search for these companies. It is time for you to find out the benefits
of getting professional mailing services to advocate your product
straightforwardly and establish relations with your prospects.

So if you want your advertising efforts to succeed, you can go try bulk
mailing. You have two choices – do it through your local Post Office or
hire professional mailing services to do the groundwork. See what works
best for you.


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