Electric Gates

Electric Gates

Residing in a safe environment is an in-born instinct in human beings.
Before human beings became civilized, man used fire or barriers made out
of stones, branches and leaves to safeguard oneself from the attacks of
wild animals or other tribes. With the advent of civilization, the
scene gradually shifted to the use of doors and iron gates. In this
regard, the concept of using electric gates is very new and came in
vogue only a few years back.

Though it is not something commonplace, the need for privacy and
personal safety has boosted the sales of electric gates in recent times
in the UK. Commercial as well as private property owners also rely on
electric gates for the safety of their premises. The ease of operating
one has further accentuated its importance.

Commercial holdings like banks, offices and shopping malls are finding
installing electric gates useful. Electric gates in such properties are
mainly used as main entrance doors and in car parking areas. The
provision to open and close the gates without manual intervention has
made it perfect for the commercial environment. At the same time since
they can be operated by hand carried transmitters or remote by security
personnel’s, the safety factor is taken care of.

Private property holders can also install electric gates too if
required. Electric gates provide added security since they remain locked
most of the time thereby keeping trespassers at safe distance.

For residential properties primarily, swinging electric gates are the
most preferred option. However, before installing swinging gates, the
available space should be considered as restrictions might hamper its
swift movement. In such cases, sliding electric gates can be opted for.

Modern day electric gates are also noted for their stylish feature. They
are usually low on maintenance but to ensure that the electric gates
work fine, the gate motor should be checked from time to time. The gate
motor is the actual working device behind the proper functioning of the
electric gates. The working mechanism of the gate motors differs with
the form of gate chosen. Hence, before buying one, one should be sure
that the gate motor picked will suit the electric gate perfectly.

For first time installers, taking such decisions can be a little tough.
As such it is advisable to ask for help from experts in the field of
automatic access system providers. They are the ones who can provide
advice on the hydraulic or electro mechanical systems that are to be
installed along with the gate.


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