Incredible loft conversions in South West London

Incredible loft conversions in South West London

Most of the loft conversions in London normally take place without the
need to seek advice from a local council for planning permission.
Strictly speaking the reason for this is because rarely anyone having a
loft conversion will require the extension of their property past any
government regulated standard.

However, if you are planning loft conversions in South West London or
any area in London then it is advisable to seek the assurances from your
local council that the work is indeed legal.

The need for planning permission when having loft or attic conversions in London will definitely apply in these circumstances:

• Any terraced properties with an extension that would exceed the 40 metres standard
• Properties located on junctions of joining public highways
• Properties built in conservation areas
• Listed building or is in an area considered outstanding natural beauty
• Flat or apartment building

There are a huge number of financial and lifestyle benefits when you
decide to have loft conversions in South West London. Loft conversions
are now increasing in popularity as more homeowners with ever growing
families are choosing loft and attic conversions over the expensive
choice of buying a larger property in an unsettled housing market.

Some properties requiring loft conversions in South West London are on
busy red routes therefore the logistics of delivering raw building
materials to your home can get complex. However, a professional company
will organise the complexities of this operation.

We have been trading for many years at Landmark Lofts and are the
experts in providing space saving and creative solutions for loft
conversions in London that exceed expectations and meet all building and
fire regulations. Our team of professional architects are exceptional
at creating detailed plans to utilise any loft or attic space to its
complete potential using creative and clever detailed drawings.


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