Fight winter frizz with a moisturizing program for your curly hair

Fight winter frizz with a moisturizing program for your curly hair

We dress differently in winter. We drive differently in winter. And it’s
no secret that when the weather changes and the temperatures drop,
women should treat their hair differently too. Women and girls with
naturally curly hair, particularly multi-ethnic or biracial women and
girls, must understand that as the seasons change, so too must their
hair management techniques.

Since naturally curly hair is typically drier than straight hair, it
requires moisturizing treatment more regularly. As the temperatures drop
and the airs dries, moisturizing treatments should become more
frequent. In fact, Mahisha Dellinger, founder of CURLS hair care
products for multi-ethnic women and girls, recommends a deep treatment
that includes heat at least once a week during the winter. Replenishing
moisture in your thirsty locks is critical in maintaining healthy,
manageable, frizz-free curls, Dellinger says.

She recommends using CURLS’ Ecstasy Hair Tea Deep Conditioner & Hair
Therapy Wrap to give your naturally curly hair the ultimate
moisturizing treatment. That and CURLS’ many other hair care products
for women with naturally curly hair are available at

To avoid further dehydrating their hair, women should shampoo less often
during the winter. Shampooing strips hair of the natural oils that the
scalp creates, and since we produce less of it in the cold months,
there’s less to strip away. Instead, Dellinger suggests using a
sulfate-free cleanser, which works more gently on your hair and scalp.

Women are also advised to consider different hairstyles during the
winter months, perhaps a look that doesn’t require heat-based styling.
Curling irons cause dry hair, and Dellinger recommends wearing an
occasional slicked-back bun, ponytails or chignons. When you do opt for a
‘do that requires styling products, opt for rich creams in place of
gels, and use as little as you can get by with.

The key is adding moisture, moist heat preferably. Dellinger’s favorite
technique calls for warming up a little natural oil and applying
directly to the scalp. “Follow up with a little CURLS Ecstasy – the size
of a half-dollar for your entire head. It’s an awesome leave-in during
the winter months.” A once-a-week treatment program, along with products
like CURLS’ Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream, and Dellinger’s tips on
daily care will keep your hair beautiful, healthy and manageable until


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