Manchester Hairdressers

Manchester Hairdressers

There are many hairdressers in Manchester – we are spoiled for choice.
Some are very “up-market” if you go to Manchester City Centre but the
parking and slow moving traffic can be off-putting let alone the prices –
though I don’t blame the Salons themselves as the rates and rents are
much higher too. Fortunately we don’t have to go far out of town to get
much more reasonable rates and without having to compromise our

I had the good fortune to come across a brand new Salon just “over the
border” in Stockport – The Hair Club. It opened this year on Lower
Hillgate and although the salon itself is new the staff as is common,
have come from various other (some quite famous) Manchester Hair Salons
and so have much experience with womens hair.

Personally, I have had to use hairdressers from around the North West
as both a student and when my work needs me to stay overnight seeing
various clients or, as has happened recently when I got snowed in just
befor Christmas. Other times I want to go straight from a meeting to a
party and, of course, I like to get my hair done first – so I’m not
always able to use my usual hairdressers.

I’m often surprised at the difference of service levels, cost or quality
– some are very friendly and have great attention to detail whilst only
charging £21 while others leave me feeling very brushed off and hurried
when the salon is very busy and yet then charge £79 for the

More hairdressing salons are adding additional services to the standard
hairstyle, cut, extensions or colour service – such as nail manicures or
even have a fully trained beautician on site so you can get a full
make-over and not just your hair done. This is a great benefit and
saves much time (or embarrasment!). Often it is much cheaper than a
specialist beautician as an extra bonus.

Should you have a good hairdstylist and a good price I wouldn’t be too
quick to go to some of the big names in the city centre anymore – you
could be very dissappointed as well as much lighter in the bank balance.

I usually do book, but this isn’t always possible as I’m just not that
organised so I really appreciate Hair Salons that make the effort to fit
me in when I haven’t been able to. This happened to me last month and
The Hair Club in Stockport, just off Wellington Road were great. When I
haven’t booked it means I already have a flap so I just don’t want one
of those painful and begruding phone conversations which are really
saying “You should have booked”. I don’t need a guilt trip – I need
some help. I know I should have and I would have but… You can tell
that has happened to me before! I was very impressed when James at the
Hair Club was pleasant and helpful when I just walked in and then
stayed after hours to fiinish the job – and did an excellent one too!
Let’s have more service like that – you’ll be seeing me again.


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