Celebrity Hairstyle: Know what is “in” nowadays

Celebrity Hairstyle: Know what is “in” nowadays

Looking for the hottest celebrity hairstyle inspiration for 2010? Look
no further. We’ve pulled together all the classic celebrity hairstyles
from Jessica Alba’s bob with bangs to Carey Mulligan’s super-short pixie
hairstyle, Vanessa Hudgens’ long defined waves and Rihanna’s new long,
brunette side-swept fringe: they’re all here for you to browse, print
and take to your hairdresser.

The Natural Look Is Always In

Long and natural looking wavy hair is strongly linked to femininity and
it has ruled the 60s and will rule 2010 as will 2011, 2012 and so on.
This look enhances your face features thus giving you an innocent yet
extremely sexy look. The queens of the natural style include Vanessa
Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox.

Pin- Straight “Jen” Hairstyle

Aniston’s straight hairstyle is a craze again. After “The Rachel”
hairstyle made popular by Jen during the Friends days it is her ultra
straight hairstyle now that is driving every girl in the town crazy!
Wearing a straight and glossy hairstyle is surely a pure perfection and
it definitely gives you that neat and tidy look.

If you wanna embrace straight hairstyle then begin by using a deep
conditioning treatment in the shower. Before blow-drying, use a
lightweight, heat activated styling cream, which gives curly or wavy
hair a shiny and straight look. Finally, use a ceramic straightener as
they protect your hair and easily slide over hair without snagging or

Pixie Hairstyle

Sharon Stone, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Carey
Mulligan et al are sporting short and sexy Pixie haircut. Pixie can be
called the celebrity hairstyle of summer 2010 as Hollywood beauties are
cutting their long locks and are sporting super spunky pixie cut. Pixie
was also popular with the Hollywood sirens of the yesteryears. Remember
Jean Seberg aka Joan of Arc who was famous for her high profile link
ups. Her other claim to fame was the classic pixie she sported.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Pixie has been adored by
the beauties since time immemorial! The first reason could be it’s a
wash and go hairstyle and is perfect for the summers. Another “wow”
thing about the haircut is it looks good in most face shapes. It
delicately gives your face a nice shape and enhances your facial
features. Though it’s a short haircut it is still feminine and sexy. It
is also an ideal hairstyle for women with thin hair, adding a beautiful
volume to the hair.


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